Nepal Telecom published the merit list’s final results and recommendations. Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited, Central Office of Nepal Telecom published the final results and recommendations of the merit list.

Notice Date:January 17, 2023

Here you will find the list of candidates who have successfully passed the Public Service Commission’s written examination for the following written positions in Nepal. Telecom received the highest mark on the written test and the interview in a competitive exam open to all participants.

Nepal Telecom published the merit list's final results and recommendations.

More about Nepal Telecom published the merit list’s final results and recommendations.

The notice says, ” Candidates who have passed the written test conducted by the Public Service Commission for the following written positions vacant in this company through an open and inclusive competitive examination have obtained the highest marks in the written test and interview according to Regulation 26 of Nepal Telecommunications Company Limited, 2078.”

This notice has been published for the information of all parties involved as it has been determined by the Recruitment Committee meeting to suggest the candidates as per the list for recruitment according to the order of merit indicated in the relevant advertisement.

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The candidates can also search for additional information on the company’s website:

The candidates listed in the merit list given below are requested to contact the Central Office, Human Resource Department of this company, within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice in Gorkhapatra for appointment as per Regulation 30.

As a result of its meeting, the Vacancy Committee has decided to recommend the following individuals for employment in the order of qualifications listed in the relevant advertisement. The decision merit list has purportedly also been made public.

You can check your name in the merit list from the following PDF: 


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