Nepal Youth – Lack of meaning to life

Nepal Youth has not realized the meaning of life. This is the major cause of downfall of Nepalese youths today. More than fifty percentage of Nepal Youths are wasting their life and making the life of no use.

Without destination there is no meaning of walking. If you don’t know where you are going there are two chances, either you will be lucky enough to benefit from it or it may lead you to wrong directions. If the ship has no compass to direct it will get lost in the wilderness. Same tragedy is happening to our youths, who are the foundation of the country.

nepal youth

Fig: Drug addiction, one of the major problems in Youth today

New update:

About 90% of the youth are unaware of their major interest which they can employ in the vocation for achieving success or they are in the field they are not interested.  Due to the frustration and fatigueness of trying harder in the field they are not interested they can be easily misled to acquire injurious habits from which they may never come out or the fruitful years are lost in vain.

In order to stop this chain, parents should also be careful about the interest of their offspring and interact with them in making them to make wise decisions and should refrain from forcing them to choose the field they are not interested. If the field of interest is chosen motivation comes by itself, and with motivation anything can be achieved. So dare to choose the field that interests you.

Youth organizations, Youth development programs should be launched perfectly. Youth entrepreneurship programme should be started for inspiring youths. Youth grants should be provide so that they can understand the meaning of life. Youth Fund should be perfectly maintained in the specific field.