Many Nepalese youngsters today actually aim to be a part of Indian Army. They are willing to go through and prepare themselves for hardship and hardcore training. The population growth of Nepalese wanting to join and applying for Indian Army just keeps increasing more and more. In fact, the news of them being selected is celebrated. And for obvious reasons each year more Nepalese are admission in Indian army.

Why would a Nepalese go to Indian Army but not in Nepali Army you may ask? Well India is a large country which is known to be one of the largest country and owns powerful weapon and missiles in their inventory. India is our neighboring country and a truce between India and Nepal by our ancestor consequence to have a brotherhood relationship. This is a very controversial topic to talk about but in this article let’s assume the reason why do Nepalese join Indian Army.

Nepalese in Indian Army

  1. Salary
  2. Better Training, Technology and standards
  3. Social Status, Respect and Recognition
  4. Unemployment
  5. Closer to home.

Salary: Comparing economic growth rate and state of India and Nepal, it’s obvious that they are higher and more developed compared to Nepal. The demand for candidate to admission in Indian army is high as India is planning to make their battalion group large. The fortunate lack of conflict makes the Nepali army to be less in action compared to India therefore, the salary given in Indian army is much higher than in Nepali Army. The salary of Nepali Army makes it difficult to achieve basic live hood needs. For obvious reasons people will prefer better salary and will strike for the opportunity to better life.nepalese in indian army

Better Training, Technology and standards: While on your daily life you see soldiers or let’s say trainees running around the city either carrying a heavy bags or basic weapon. As Nepal is very calm and peaceful, we don’t own advance tools and weapons. In Indian Army they provide various range of trainings and adequate better materials for training. The trainees are trained with advance updated technique, technology and newly innovated weapon with upgrades. The training here in Nepal is not so dynamic as it is landlocked country and not much happens where as in India, there are various situation that the army has to face in different geographical location making them updated, upgraded and overall better compared to training, training equipment and technologies in Nepali Army

Social Status, Respect and Recognition: In Nepal, Nepali Army are said to have minimum if not low rate of salary. And with all due respect to our honorable Nepali Army, they are quite not respected as they deserve where as in India, armies are the definition of bravery and is treated with very high respect. And also typical facts about society, the more you earn the high your status and standard are said to be. Also the another reason of Nepal being so calm, there isn’t much space for recognition and act of bravery where as in India, things seems to go down a lot and the army will get a chance to showcase their full potential.

Unemployment: Due to the serious case of lack of employment in Nepal, the citizens will have no other choice but then to grab to any opportunity given to them to be able to survive and able to feed themselves and family. And the announcement of vacancy for Indian Army grabs attention of many citizens who are unemployed and are looking for job.

Closer to home: Have you seen those heart touching videos in Internet where the soldiers come home from after  so many years and they miss home and their family and it absolutely beautiful but sad at the same time. Well the benefit of joining Indian Army over other foreign Army is that you don’t have to go somewhere far and not be able to come home for a very long time due to both work, time and money taken to travel and passport processes. Due to brotherhood relationship it is absolutely free for citizens of Nepal and India to travel the two country without any Visa or passport and also due to two countries being neighbors, travel fees are low and its fasted to reach to both destination resulting to be able to spend time with families more often and not be far for long period of time.

Note: The above points are obvious facts and what we assume maybe the reason. This article in no shape or form is meant to offend anyone and sincere apology to those who have been offended by this article. And also with no intention to bash or disrespect Nepali Army and Nepalese people.

Thank you.