Holi is a Hindu spring festival which is celebrated with colors and water. It has a very interesting history and the reason behind why Holi is celebrated. It is about how good defeats evil. Also another reason why we celebrate how is to say good bye to winter and welcome and embrace spring. It is widely celebrated in Nepal and India. Holi is said be on the top list of favorite festival celebrated.

Now let’s stop raving about what of an amazing festival it is. There is a relatively large number of Nepalese people living in Australia. And of course, no matter where you go “maan ta Nepali nai ho” (translation: in heart will always be Nepali). It was an amazing idea to let the foreign know and educate them about this amazing festival. So there was an Nepali event held in Sydney, Bicentennial Park, Australia for Holi, organized by bunch of Nepali organizers. Many Nepalese people in Australia came together and attended the event and relived and recreated the memories that they had made in past with their families and friends back in their home town. But as this event ended, it left with something horrendous aftermath.

Beautiful Park in Sydney was dirty because of Nepal Festival Holi

australia dirty by nepalese holi

That’s right, the park was almost unrecognizable. There were litters everywhere, foods thrown away all around the floor. When the wind blows, you can literally see the trash coming at your face. It is unbearable. Locals were very disappointed upon the sight of the park, park visitors were disgusted. The photos of the park was all over the internet bashing how filthy was the park due to this event. Adding salt to the wound, the very next day was Annual Cleanup Australia day and one of the biggest park in Australia was in that state. Bayside mayor Bill Saravinovski defined this current state of park as “The old Tempe Tip”. There were heaps of trashes everywhere. And people started saying words such as pigs, filthy and all the disguising words that can come up in your mind. Well, the Nepalese people who participated in that event did surely made sure that everybody knew it was Holi. But no at all for good reasons. Even after this rage, nobody from the event organizer party came and cleaned up the mess. Well they did claim that they “did the cleanup” but it was obviously no enough. The Mayor called up for urgent review on the cost of organizing such events and time taken to clean up the mess. He then further decided to take an extra charge to the hirers which will be refunded if they cleaned up after the event and obeyed all the rules and regulations.

Nepali Event in Sydney made park dirty

Now after explaining the situation. Please spread love and joy. But know your consequences to your action. This action has impacted a lot to the people around the globe and sent a wrong message about Holi. This kind of act is not appreciated and it has made a bad reputation on the Nepalese people and people all over the internet are talking about it. All that had to be done is as everybody gathered to celebrate, everybody could have cleaned it up. Damage is done. Hope people will now learn by this. (Images are taken from theleader.com.au)

nepalese festival holi dirty park

dirty bicentennial park by Nepalese