Instagram is the latest trend. It is simply a photo and video-sharing social networking service. Instagram is also owned by facebook but now it has more popularity than facebook itself.  Though launched in 2010 instagram has become very popular in this short period of time. Instragram allows its users to share photos and videos. Youngsters are obsessed with increasing followers in instagram. In Nepal as well, instagram has created quite a buzz and our celebrities are also very concerned about their instagram followers. Number of instagram followers have become one major factor to  measure popularity in this industry. Today in the article we are talking about celebrities with most number of instagram followers.

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Promise Tamang                

She is a California based Nepali make up artist. She was born on on 29 July 1989 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Promise Tamang is a very well known celebrity in USA and most of her followers are American. Her total followers on instagram in 2020 is 1.3 M . She is very popular youtuber as well . She has more than five million subscribers in youtube. Her most popular videos are her transformation videos where she transforms herself into some famous celebrity with just makeup. She posts her makeup tutorial videos on youtube and has earned many followers .

She did makeup tutorial to transform into Johny Depp, Scarlett Johanson, Kate Middleton and these videos went viral. Promise Tamang is a very talented makeup artist and i has been featured in international media outlets, including the Huffington Post and The Daily Mail UK. Promise Tamang is well known for her crazy transformation . She is one of the most popular person with Nepali origin.

Priyanka Karki

 Priyanka Karki was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a very well known actress in Nepal . In fact she is right now the highest paid Nepali actress and most talented as well. She did her graduation in film studies from USA and right now she is doing amazing in the Nepali film industry. Her best films are Chakka panja, Nai Nabhannnu, Jholay and so on. She is one of the women in Nepal who is looked up by many young girls out there.

She is engaged to Nepali model and actor Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi . They got engaged in 14 July 2020 after dating for two years. They together run an organization Ayanka that works for addressing many social issues in Nepal.

Prabal Gurung

 Prabal gurung is a very well known name in Hollywood. He is probably the first Nepali to make it that big in Hollywood. Gurung is a successful fashion designer that has worked with many stars including Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanson, priyanka Chopra and so on. He has created a very good reputation in the industry. Prabal Gurung, was born in Singapore to Nepali parents and was raised in Kathmandu, Nepal . He moved to New york in 1999 and that when his journey of fashion designing started. He interned with Bill Blass . That is how everything started coming to this day when his name comes under most successful designers in world. As of now he has a total of 651k instagram followers which include Hollywood stars and celebrities

Priyanka karki is an actress, an influencer and someone who many girls look up to. That’s why she has many followers in social media as well . She has 733k instagram followers as of 2020 and has verified instagram account.

Swastima Khadka

 Swastima Khadka born  in July 4, 1995  is a Nepali actress and a model.She did her debut in the industry with Miss Teen Nepal. However she got popularity from few music videos and her debut film Hostel Returns. Her latest movie BulBul got very good remarks and praise from critics even though it couldn’t do well in the box office. Her other films are  Chakka Panja 2 , Chakka Panja 3 and Jai Bhole. The song “Kutu Ma Kutu “ featuring Swastima Khadka became very popular. She is married to Nepali Film director and actor Nischal Basnet. This actress is also very active on social media . Swastima was born in July 15, 1995 in Kathmandu, Nepal. She did her school from Birendra Saini She constantly posts on Instagram and has 507 k followers.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is the  crowned Miss Nepal World 2020. She was born in hetauda in 1995 November 3. She is one of the most successfull Miss Nepal. In only 1 year of her reign she has gained quite a fan base. She is one of the most loved Miss Nepal. Shrinkhala represented Nepal in Miss World 2020 in best way possible. Shrinkhala managed to get to top 12 of miss world and also won the title beauty with a purpose. She even won the multimedia award . Her speaking ability,politeness and subtle yet strong personality is appreciated by all Nepalese. As of 2020 she has a verified instagram account with 479k followers

Shristi Shrestha

Shristi Shrestha  is the winner of Miss Nepal 2012. She is the title holder of Miss Nepal world 2012 and also Miss Confidence in the same paegant. She represented Nepal in Miss world 2012 in China. Shristi did quite good in Miss world and became the first Miss Nepal to enter top 20 in Miss world pageant.She even reached to top 8 for the beauty with a purpose title which is the most reputed title in Miss world. Shristi won the Popural choice  award and was also top ten in dances of the world round.  She was born in chitwan.

Though born in Nepal she was raised in America. She is now a well known face in Nepal not just because of Miss Nepal but she is also very famous actress Her debut movie was gajalu which did quite well in box office. Since then she has been seen in music videos, advertisements and plays . Right now her instagram followers are 436 k. She has very good fan base and is one of very few celebrities with very less haters.