Nepal is one of the rich countries in culture and tradition, due to different kind of beautiful culture and tradition it is famous whole over the world. The way of life of Nepal is rich and unique than that of others as they have developed over centuries. There are different cultures found differ according to religion caste and so on. As there is a culture of doing Namaskar to the relatives we meet.  There is culture bowing head to our elders and many others different cultures. Culture is the collective form of the music, religion, literature and architecture.

Nepali culture - Nepali Religions - Nepali Costumes - Nepali Food

Nepal being one of the multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic country with people of different religious tolerance among the people . The people who follow Hindu religion are in great number and after then Buddhist and then others religion people are also found as it is one of the secular country. Different religions  has its own values and norms. According to their culture and traditions, people of every religion celebrate their festivals. There are many cultures found in Nepal  some of them are as follows:

Nepali Religions

Nepal being a secular country declared by the Parliament on May 18, 2006 have  different religions i.e,  Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Bon, ancestor worship and animism. More population followed hindusim or Buddhism. These two co-existed in harmony during centuries.Different religions has its own norms and values, as distinctt religions follows distinct gods and they do have different rules regulations ways of celebrating festivals etc and so on. As lord Buddha is followed by both hindu and Buddhist where as hindu followor worship different ancient vedic gods, muslims worship god allah , whereas Christian worship god jesus and many other religion worship their own god.

Nepali Costumes

The variety in Nepal in phrases of ethnicity again makes room for various sets of customs. Most of these customs go back to the Hindu, Buddhist or different spiritual traditions. Among them, the guidelines of marriage are mainly interesting. Traditional marriages name for offers arranged by way of parents after the boy or girl come of age. Nepalis do no longer devour beef. There are various motives for this, one being that the Hindus worship cow. Cow is also the national animal of Nepal. Another fascinating concept amongst. Nepalis is division of pure and impure. “Jutho” referring to food or fabric touched by way of another’s mouth immediately or indirectly, is viewed impure via Nepalis. Nepalis think about cow dung to be pure for cleaning purposes. During menstruation women are viewed impure and hence, are saved in seclusion till their fourth day purification bath. Nepal is one of the two patriarchal society, the place guys typically go out for work while women are homemaker.