There are various Nepali fonts that are chosen according to its intended purpose and the suitability of the choice maker. Whenever we explain about a particular font, we are referring to its size, weight and style. It varies according to the fonts. Nepali fonts are different from the English language. There are no uppercase or lowercase letters. Thus, while explaining the font metrics, cap heights (height of the capital letters) and x-height (height of the lowercase letters) do not come into context.

List of 20 popular Nepali fonts

  • Kantipur: This font is one of the most widely used Nepali fonts. It is a standard font that is used for publishing news in the newspapers like Kantipur. The letter spacing is uniform. It has a medium size, width and boldness. It presents simplicity and is used for offline typing.
  • Preeti: This is a regular font too. It is comparable to Times New Roman in the English font as it is a default font to be used in Nepali typing. It is similar to Kantipur. The only difference is that it has a medium weight.
  • Nepali: One of the standard fonts in Nepali, it is semi bold in comparison to Kantipur.
  • Aama: In comparison to the aforementioned regular fonts, Aama font is bolder. With a bold weight and a regular style, the mean length of the letters is shorter than other regular fonts.
  • Sagarmatha: Sagarmatha and Aama font are similar in terms of boldness. However, Sagarmatha is bigger in terms of length of the letter. Thus it is suitable for the display of the headlines.
  • Himalaya: It is also one of the standard Nepali fonts. Thickness and length of the characters here is comparable to Sagarmatha. However, the characters are wider and consume more space. This is suitable for the simple readability.
  • Fontasy Himali: It is similar to Himalaya but in a condensed form. The spaces between letters are minimal and the size is smaller.
  • Kanchan: This regular Nepali font has normal weight. With the adequate letter spacing, normal weight of the letters, medium size and standard style, it can be used for offline Nepali typing.
  • Ritu: Length of the letters is reduced in this font and it gives letters a wide appearance.
  • Devnagari Bold: It is one of the standard fonts widely used in publishing books.
  • Devanagari New: It is comparable to Nepali Unicode and the typing is based on pronunciation. This font has a bold and stylish appearance.
  • Shusha: It is the other font whose typing is comparable to that of Nepali Unicode. The letters in this word seem to be an emulation of handwritten writing. With a normal weight, it has a calligraphy appearance.
  • Bharatvani wide font: It is comparable to Arial Unicode MS font of English. The letters have a uniform but wide appearance.
  • Arjun: It is one of the standard fonts. The flat edges of the letters are similar to Bharatvani font but the words are compressed in comparison to it.
  • Agra: With a medium size and weight, it looks slightly sloped. The slanted appearance to the right makes it seem stylish. The edges of the letters are upturned.
  • Everest: This font is also slightly slanted. With a starker contrast, rounded edges of the letters and medium size, this is most appropriate for the advertisement of any entertainment related events.
  • Amrit Kuruti: It has a dark contrast and a condensed appearance.
  • Shrinagar: With a harline weight of the characters this font seems to be perfect for the use in invitation cards. A little modification in the swirl of the letters gives it a stylish appearance.
  • HindiSanskrit: The height of the letters is not uniform here. Some letters end at the descender’s height. Letters have a sharp edge.
  • Rukmini: This font stands out from other Nepali fonts with the presence of the serif. Serifs are small lines attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or a symbol. It has a narrow width and is medium bold.

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How to download Nepali fonts?

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There are few important things to note down before you start to download Nepali fonts. The most interesting thing is that the official download website of nepal named provides the list of fonts to download. You can search writing Nepali font in a quick search bar on the menu. The list of fonts in Nepali will be available to download for you.