Nepali keyboard helps writer to type in Nepali language. Nepali keyboard contains Nepali alphabets. Nepali fonts are main part of Nepali keyboard.

Download Nepali keyboard also available here on online. Learn how to type Nepali alphabets, Nepali paragraphs and everything using keyboard that output Nepali words.

Nepali keyboard format

Typing is main function of computer, laptop, tabs and even in mobiles. In Nepalese market, information technological devices are come with English keyboard.

English keyboard contains English alphabets, and English numbers. Users who want to type in Nepali find difficult to type in Nepali on these devices. They have to learn How to type in Nepali before typing in Nepali using these devices built with English keyboard.

Information technology has become more simple and convenient to use. Now Nepali users can easily type document using Nepali keyboard.

Nepali keyboards are available both online and offline Nepali keyboard also available in downloadable version. You can easily download keyboard and type in Nepali.

Nepali Keyboard layout

Keyboard is devices with alphabets and numbers on it. In English keyboard there are 26 alphabets, while in Nepali there are more alphabets so keyboard looks quite complex comparatively.

nepali keyboard

Nepali keyboard list

  • Online Nepali keyboard: performing search action, Nepali users can find plenty of online Nepali keyboard. Number of people look after it daily.
  • Download Nepali Keyboard: downloadable keyboard are available. Download them and use anytime. You can use them online as well as offline.
  • Keyboard with Nepali alphabets: Hardware keyboard with Nepali alphabets are also available in Nepalese computer market. You can purchase keyboard with Nepali alphabets and connect with PC or Laptops and type in Nepali. For example: you can select Preeti font in MS Word and type Nepali words, Nepali alphabets and sentences by looking places of alphabets in keyboard. After passing learning phase you can type Nepali without looking at Keyboard.

Our Nepali keyboard software helps you to find everything you search about how to type Nepali on Windows and iOS. Alternatively you can download  Keyboard Nepali software and type in Nepali whenever you want. You can get through online website for typing in Nepali language. Preeti to Unicode is a official portal to type in Nepali easily.