Nepali Lok Geet are true heritage of Nepal. They are composed with authentic touch to our Nepali culture and society. They comprise romanticism too but they are unlike any other genres. They are composed with folk music with instruments like Sarangi, Madal, Tabala, Flute and others. However, with time other modern instruments like Guitars, Keyboards are also being used but they haven’t lost their identity yet.

Nepali lok songs are different than Nepali Pop Songs in Nepali music industry. Nepali folk songs have different kind of craze among Nepalese.

Nepali Lok Geet in Nepali music industry

Nepali Lok Geet are leading in trends and they even beat other genres when it comes to Nepali market. They are preferred by people of all age group and everybody just finds their feet moving, body shaking when lok geet catches their ears. Based on artists and situations, various other forms of lok geet have been introduced and these days, lok geet have also been fused with pop style making it lok-pop. Shiva Pariyar, Ramji Khand, Pashupati Sharma are some of the artists in trend and they have given numbers of hits. Meanwhile, Lok Geets are attracting lots of Nepali youths too.nepali lok geet

Craze of Nepali folk songs

Lok Geets have been successful in spreading identity in music of Nepal. In fact, they have been more prominent when it comes to Nepali music. Lots of New Nepali Lok Geet are released every week and every month. The market is growing and Lok Geets are no longer limited to social occasions. In fact, they have been commercialized in bigger scales and have given lots of brilliant singers who have also performed in international level. Things are changing for Nepal when it comes to entertainment industry and Folk Music has great contribution for it.

Nepali Lok Geet are authentic by identity and aren’t derived from any other genres or forms. They have been born from our own society and hence is our true representation. So, it is our responsibility to help the artists foster this heritage. We should encourage artists to produce more marvelous Lok Geets and entertain us. Nepali Lok Geet are simple and melodious. Unlike other genres, they are appreciated by all groups, all ages and everybody. The current market shows prosperous future for Nepali Lok geet and the trend shows lots of new artists also being attracted to this sector.