Nepali lok geet are always heart touching. They incorporate true emotions of a Nepali. With time, Nepali lok geet are also being modernized and new versions are being introduced. Being more authentic lok geet, they have been more like Lok-pop. Lok in Nepali means Folk. They are more about society. They are composed with folk music. However, lots of songs also incorporate emotions and sentiments and love.

Nepal has long history of Lok Geet. It is possibly the first genre Nepali music had been through. With time various other forms have been derived. Lok Dohori is a popular form that consists conversation of two parties in entertaining ways. “ Sasurali” is a very popular lok dohori. With growing Nepali music industry, Lok Geet has also been flourishing. Even Nepali Youth are also getting attracted towards Lok Geet. Meanwhile, the modernization of Folk music has brought to fusion with various modern instruments. Guitars and keyboards have also been seen in practice giving new touch to Lok Geet.

Nepali Lok Geet singers Nepali Lok Dohori Songs

nepali lok geet singers

Current market is widening. In fact, the international market for Nepali music is more into Folk music and they are more appreciated as they are true identity for what we are. They define our society, way of living, our culture. With time, Lok Geets are also being commercialized and they have also been brought to stage level. Lok Geets are not just part of social programs these days. Lots of studio works are handles and beautiful videos are also prepared making Nepali Lok Geet complete package these days. The dancers and models are dressed in cultural dressed and sometimes in modern dresses too but still the theme remains folk.

Lok Geet are catchy to hear with their beats and music. Lok Geets make our body move and we prefer dancing along with the music. Ramji Khand, Pashupati Sharma are some trending names in Lok Geet industry these days while there are hundreds of other talented artists. Lok geet are very much entertaining to hear and they really make mood of anyone be it youth or old. All enjoy dancing together in Lok music.