Nepali Passport Form Fill up Online Tutorial

Nepali passport form Fill up process has become easier now as the Nepal Government has introduced a system that allows you to fill passport form online. You needn’t fill the paper form for MRP anymore. You can apply for Machine Readable Passport by filling passport form online now. With many other services going online by different ministries, Government of Nepal Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced this online system with the vision of providing accessible service to the citizens of Nepal.
Previously, all the applications for Machine Readable Passport were filled in paper form. And there were times when the applications were often rejected. Since the applications were for MRP, there were lots of criteria to be fulfilled. Being handwritten, completing an error-free form was always a difficult task. With the system available online now, one needn’t worry about handwriting or other issues. All he or she will have to concentrate over is the information. Should all the information be filled correctly, there shall be no issues in processing and acquire a passport. Moreover, you needn’t stand up and wait in a long queue in a scorching sunny day to submit the form. Take few minutes to fill and then to review the form. And you are done.

How to fill up Machine Readable Nepali Passport form online?

Filling Nepali passport Form online is very easy. Follow simple steps instructed below, and you shall be subject for a passport in your possession.
Step 1: Go to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Passport. Online application form is available at

nepali passport form

You shall land on a page stating before you begin. There is important information which you need to acquire before enrolling for the application.
On the right side of the page, you can also find a section with Edit/View application. This helps you to retrieve your application within 15 days if not enrolled already. You shall be able to edit or view MRP application. To retrieve your application, you will need a reference number of pre-enrollment, surname, date of birth, citizenship number and issued place.
If you haven’t been through the pre-enrollment process, click on Next button at before you start page.
Step 2: Fill the form carefully. There are four sections. After you finish filling personal information, clicking on next button will lead you to form where you will have to fill next of kin information. In the course of filling the form, you can also save draft.
After you complete filling all the information, click on next, and your form gets submitted and you shall receive a pre-enrollment reference number. After you complete payment, submit the payment details, the application gets processed further.

MRP Nepali passport charges in Nepal

For New MRP and to Renew MRP
The normal charge for new MRP or to renew MRP is Rs 5,000. You will have to wait longer. However, if you wish to take passport urgently you have other options. Payment of Rs 10,000 will let you have passport within three days of your application. And if you wish to take within two days, it will cost you Rs 12,000. Rs 15000 will let you have passport within a day.
For Lost MRP and Damaged MRP
For lost MRP or damaged MRP, it will cost you Rs 15,000 if you wish to take within three days of application. Taking passport within two days or a day will cost you Rs 17,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively.

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