Nepali people have lots of religious beliefs that has come up since ancestors. Even modern generation has belief on such facts but many of them might not have known the logical reason behind it.

We should not cut our nails after sunset

amale bhanthin “Sajh parepachi naang nakat”

There is a logical reason behind it. It has been taught by our parents as well as our grandparents. They just told us something like it is a bad luck to cut nails during the dark time. There is a logical reason behind it. Cutting nails in dusk can make you hurt. Skin and muscles of fingers are so sensitive that it might get hurt by less effort and mostly it is more dangerous to get hurt by a pointed body.

nepali religious beliefs

We should eat curd before doing something

Laau chhora dahi khayera jaau ramro huncha!

It might be natural that your parents asked you to have a cup of curd before you go somewhere. I remember, my mum used to make me eat curd before going for examination. There is a religious belief behind it that it is good to have a cup of curd before doing something. Yeah, there is a logical reason as well, it will help you being cool, calm and helping your digestive system stay good.

We should not stay near to peepal tree

This does not usually happen with people staying in urban areas. But this is common for people living in remote areas. Senior citizens of village usually tell, do not go around peepal tree during night time. There is a logical reason behind it. Peepal trees inhale  the huge amount of oxygen during night time and exhale huge amount of carbon dioxide. So, to avoid consuming carbon dioxide gas to our body, it is better not to stay near peepal tree during night time.

We should take a bath after attending funeral ceremony

You might have noticed as well. When some on come from a funeral ceremony, they do not do anything without taking a bath. Logical reason behind it is to prevent from infections for a deceased body.

We should swallow Tulsi leaves and we should not chew Tulsi

Tulshi ko pat chabaunu hunna. chapera basne ho!

During my childhood, I remember my mother told me once, you should not chew Tulsi. It is like chewing God to chew Tulsi. I felt so and I did not chew. When I grew up, I noticed being a logical reason behind it. Chewing Tulsi can degrade enamel from teeth because of the presence of arsenic in Tulsi.

We should not broom our floor during evening

Diuso vari TV herera bascha. Raat parepachi Badarcha

Old generation taught us not to broom the floor during an evening because of religious belief on happening something bad. There is a logical reason behind it, by brooming a floor during a dark time, you might sweep away your valuable things.

We should not make our pillow directing towards north

Sirani uttar farkaunu hudaina chora. aru direction tira farkau

The logical reason behind it to prevent an effect of magnetic field of Earth. It may cause cardiovascular diseases.

We should not go out during eclipse

Grahand ko bela bahira naniski kukur

It was religious belief not to go out during an eclipse. The logical reason behind it is to avoid harm to our eyes.

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