We have a list of best Nepali singers from Nepal. This list is not on the basis of rank. This is just a list of favorite singers in Nepal according to the craze in Facebook and other social media platforms.

Best Nepali Singers

Melina Rai

Melina Rai is a famous playback singer from Nepal. She usually sings for movies rather than releasing her singles. Melina Rai has released some singles as well and all those are a big hit. She has a very sweet voice that suits perfectly for playback singing. Her songs like Pirim nalaune, Nacha Firiri, Sirai Ma Sirbandi, Kutu Ma Kutu, Kammar Mathi Patuki, Thamel Bazarma. She was born in Kurseong, Darjeeling.

Even though she is very popular these days but the song that gave her the popularity is the song Kutu ma Kutu. This song starring Swastima Khadka gained a lot of appraisals and got Melina Rai noticed. Since then she has sung many songs and it’s totally fair to say that she is the top playback singer of industry. Her solo albums are also very hit.

Sajan Raj Vaidhya

Sajan Raj Vaidhya has a very unique kind of music. He has simple but very touching songs. He started gaining fame just a few years back. His latest songs hataridai, batasidain and hawaijahaj were a big hit. His very famous song Chithhi Vitra is one of his best gift to Nepali music. He has given the industry some great songs and is very famous among his fans. The fans usually include young people for his songs are quite contemporary and modern.

He gets seven to eight million views in his songs. That is amazing for a country like Nepal with much less population.

Sajan Raj vaidhya is a UK based Nepali singer. He started his musical journey with the release of cover songs. He became popular after releasing his cover songs like All of Me by John Legend, One by Ed Sheeran and Leho House. After gaining appraisal from viewers on his cover songs, he started his own song. And he got success from his very first song.

 Though he raised to fame from now, he started his struggle from 2000. Now he has received the appraisal he deserves. I personally love his unique voice and a very different style. He has his own approach and style and that is what makes him so different yet amazing

Nitesh Jung Kunwar

 Nitesh Jung Kunwar is definitely the most loved singer in the country. Unlike other singers, his songs are quite unique and realistic. He has this raw style and very simple approach. He writes, composes and produces his songs himself. This amazing talent of his has given many amazing songs to the industry. His songs like Hamro Nepalma, were a big hit.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is from Lalitpur. He did his schooling from Lalitpur as well. He has quite a musical background. Neteesh Jung Kunwar learnt music from a very young age. He used to play guitar from the early days.

His father also worked with a musical band ; Prisma. Coming to this day he is not just a guitarist but a singer, musician and songwriter. He writes his own song and we all know they are very unique from what other singers sing. He is loved by his fans not just for his talent but his calm and down to earth in nature. It is not wrong to say that he has almost no haters at all especially in social media. In a country like Nepal, where people are so quick to judge, it is amazing how he has zero haters.

 Nitesh always wanted to become a singer but in the context of Nepal it is a very small industry and that is why he even worked with a company to make living. But later he left the company and started focusing on his music.

Now he is one of the most admired singers in the industry with hit songs like gedai Jasto Jindagi, Flirty Maya, Ashma, Hamro Nepalma .

Swopna Suman

Swoopna Suman is well known and one of the most preferred music stars in Nepali Music industry. He is best known for his top hit songs The Coffee Song, Ke Saro Ramri Bhako, Kasari Bhanu, Ma Timro, Thahai Bhayena, Jane Kura Nagara. Among them, I am a big fan of Kasari Bhanu.

Swopna Suman is very popular especially among girls. He has great music and his journey is also truly amazing. Yet there are some people who make fun of him. I don’t understand why because he is also a precious gem for the Nepali music industry. He has won many hearts.

He also started his journey with cover songs. Later on, he got noticed by arbitrary and gave him a break. That break made him popular. He has his solo albums almost all of them very successful. He is giving concerts and doing shows in and outside of Nepal. Swopna Suman did his first cover song in 2014 and sang the super hit song from Rohit Jung Chhetri, Bistarai Bistarai. He used to sing bhajans while in India. The singer knew that his passion is towards music and that is what he wants to do all his life. In a very young age of just 21, he is doing a great job and has made an own mark in Nepali music industry.

Rohit John Chettri

 Rohit Jung Chhetri has given amazing songs to the Nepali music industry. His songs depict reality and make the audience fall in love with him. He is a solo artist and composes his songs by himself. As I said he has given amazing songs to the Nepali film industry but his first song is the best of all.

His song Bistari Bistrai became so hit in youtube that he became an overnight star. This song gave him the success he deserves. Not many singers are fortunate enough that their first song goes viral but in his case his first song made him famous. But of course, before releasing the first song, he has his own journey and hard work behind everything. His first song came in 2013 and instantly became a big hit. Many people did a cover of this song.

Now he works with the biggest band of Nepal 1974 AD. He replaced the iconic Adrian Pradhan in this band. Joining this band is in itself a big challenge and to become the lead vocalist is no joke. But he has done full justice to the band and is doing great. His first song after joining 1974 AD, Hajaar Sapana became a big hit.