Traffic rules are important. It is more important in Nepal. In cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, the traffic must be managed appropriately. This has been a need.

New Traffic Rules for Pokhara

  • Public vehicles (micro bus, taxi) will be allocated fixed place for taking in and dropping passengers,no stoppage of public vehicles beyond STOPPAGE POINT. Meaning, Public vehicles can’t stop wherever they like.
  • A YELLOW mark to be allocated for parking of taxi and motorbike. Putting your vehicle beyond YELLOW mark means your vehicle(motorbike) will be towed away to TRAFFIC POLICE, prithvi chowk. A fine of Rs 1000 for violators.
  • Parking in no parking zone,turning vehicle in U-turn prohibited zone will be fined accordingly.
  • NAYABAZAR and NEWROAD road will be made ONE WAY. (proposed)

traffic rule in pokhara

This rule will come to effect soon.Most probably 2-3 months from now. FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC RULES AND STAY AWAY FROM BEING FINED.

Fully supporting the step of NEPAL TRAFFIC POLICE and LOCAL ADMINISTRATION. Good work!!!!