The world celebrates 1st January as New Year but Nepal has different calendar called Bikram sambat where Baisakh 1st is celebrated as New Year. New Year is called Naya Barsha or Nava Barsha and it generally falls in 11th to 15th of April. There will be the public Holiday in the country and whole Nepalese celebrate with get together, joys, fun, partying and lots of foods. With the beginning of New year, people visit temples with respect and devotion so that they have a lots of blessing and prosperity in the upcoming days.


Based on Historical facts found on the old stones, coins and copper inscription, Nepali era began since 879 A.D. From this date, the Nepali calendar came on use. There are actually nine New Year in Nepal celebrated by different ethnics groups of Nepal but Nepal Sambat is considered as the national New Year of Nepal and is celebrated by all.

Nepal is rich in diverse cultures and customs. With different castes and religion, there is still peace and harmony among the people. Though they may have different cultures and traditions but when there is New year, everybody celebrate it with joy. Different activities like street dances, parades, reunion, picnic, events are the key ways to celebrate the New Year. It is the day when people forget the past bad memories and start a new relationship by wishing New Year wishes. They take this day as making a good connection with the start of year.

In Bhaktapur, one of the historical Newar ethnic place, celebrates New Year by a festival Bisket jatra where thousands of people gather to celebrate it.


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People plan picnic, tour and travel on this day. New Year is a fun day to celebrate. Friends and family gathers and organize picnic or day out.  Parks across the country are full of people with celebration and dance parties. The cafes and restaurants are packed with youths to celebrate the New Year. Many family members who are out for many days due to their official works gather in home, have meals together and enjoy each other’s company. Some even go for the cinemas or some extra activities like trekking. People exchange gifts and greeting cards to make this day a special one. Houses are coloured and decorated to make the new feeling.


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New Year is the day where one can make resolutions. Mostly students make resolutions for the New Year so that they can achieve some sort of success in their student life. This is one of the best way to grow in their life and to make them better.

Since most of the Nepalese are Hindus, on this day, they visit the temples nearby by taking a bath and wearing new clothes. They believe that by starting New Year with god can help them to gain positive energy in their life so that their sorrows and pain will be released and they will get happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

Some of the favourite destinations where most of the Nepalese enjoy their New year are given below:

  • Pokhara
  • Mustang
  • Jiri
  • Rara
  • Inside Kathmandu Valley like Boudhanath, Durbar Marg, Durbar Square, Thamel
  • Nagarkot
  • Dhulikhel
  • Patan