The world celebrates 1st January 2021 as a New Year but Nepal has different calendar called Bikram Sambat where Baisakh 1st 2078 is celebrated as New Year. New Year Celebration in Nepal is called Naya Barsha or Nava Barsha and it generally falls in 11th to 15th of April. There will be the public Holiday in the country and whole Nepalese celebrate with getting together, joys, fun, partying and lots of foods. With the beginning of the New year, people visit temples with respect and devotion so that they have a lot of blessing and prosperity in the upcoming days.

Happy New Year

Based on Historical facts found on the old stones, coins and copper inscription, Nepali era began since 879 A.D. From this date, the Nepali calendar came on use. There are actually nine New Year in Nepal celebrated by different ethnics groups of Nepal but Nepal Sambat is considered as the national New Year of Nepal and is celebrated by all.

Nepal is rich in diverse cultures and customs. With different castes and religion, there is still peace and harmony among the people. Though they may have different cultures and traditions when there is New year, everybody celebrates it with joy. Different activities like street dances, parades, reunion, picnic, events are the key ways to celebrate the New Year.

New year Celebration is the day when people forget the past bad memories and start a new relationship by wishing New Year wishes. They take this day as making a good connection with the start of the year. New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. In the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar system today, New Year occurs on 1 January. Nepal follows Bikram Sambat and the new year occurs in Baisakh 1.

In Bhaktapur, one of the historical Newar ethnic places celebrate New Year by a festival Bisket Jatra where thousands of people gather to celebrate it.

New Year Bhaktapur
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People plan to picnic, tour and travel on this day. New Year is a fun day to celebrate. Friends and family gather and organize a picnic or day out. Parks across the country are full of people with celebration and dance parties. The cafes and restaurants are packed with youths to celebrate the New Year.

Many family members who are out for many days due to their official works gather at home, have meals together and enjoy each other’s company. Some even go for the cinemas or some extra activities like trekking. People exchange gifts and greeting cards to make this day a special one. Houses are coloured and decorated to make a new feeling.

Celebrating New Year in Nepal
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New Year is the day where one can make resolutions. Most students make resolutions for the New Year so that they can achieve some sort of success in their student life. This is one of the best ways to grow in their life and to make them better.

Since most of the Nepalese are Hindus, on this day, they visit the temples nearby by taking a bath and wearing new clothes. They believe that by starting New Year with god can help them to gain positive energy in their life so that their sorrows and pain will be released and they will get happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

Happy New year

Some of the favourite destinations where most of the Nepalese enjoy their New year are given below:

  • Pokhara
  • Mustang
  • Jiri
  • Rara
  • Inside Kathmandu Valley like Boudhanath, Durbar Marg, Durbar Square, Thamel
  • Nagarkot
  • Dhulikhel
  • Patan

The new year is the time which marks the beginning of the new year. Various culture and various calendar have their own system of dates and occasions. We follow the Gregorian calendar in Nepal and New year is celebrated in first of Baisakh. The new year is just around the corner and we can’t wait for the day. It is new year eve already. Are you one of those people who like to go out in the new year to stay at home?

We have completed the year 2077 and we are all set to welcome the year 2078. Let this year be your year, may you find happiness and may all your dreams come true. And I really hope may you find the love of your life. Since a new year is already around, here is the list of amazing things you can do to celebrate the new beginning:

How to celebrate New Year 2021 in Nepal?

Celebrations with your loved one are quite different from the celebration with others. So there is separate article solely dedicated to this. If you have already met the love of your life then you are very lucky. Then you must celebrate it in any occasion you find.

What better day could be there than New year itself. Spend the first day of the year with the love of your life and express your love for each other. As per Nepali calendar, New year is celebrated on first of Baisakh. It is new year eve today and if you still don’t have plans for this new year then maybe this article will be your guide. Here is the list of amazing things you could with you love for this new year.

Celebrate new Year with Love

Celebrate with family

For me, celebrations with family are above anything. So why not this year celebrate with your lovely family instead of spending it with your friends. Make your bonding stronger and spend some quality time with your family. You can just organize a small party, make or order everyone’s favourite food and enjoy. Or you can watch a movie together be at home or cinemas. A nice dinner to end the day will be perfect.

There are so many good restaurants out there in Kathmandu, you can visit those restaurants with your family. Family time is the best time. So this new year spends time with your family, make your bond stronger, express love for each other and just enjoy. It is new year eve today, so why don’t you start now? 

Visit clubs or restaurants

Kathmandu is definitely the best place for any kind of celebration. If you happen to be around Kathmandu in the new year then there are great ways you can make your day special. Well, Kathmandu has a lot to offer for everyone. There are quite decent places you can take your love in the new year. And also many restaurants and clubs in Thamel have a special offer for the new year.

So you don’t want to miss out on that. Kathmandu also has great hotels. If you are from out of the valley but want to celebrate her in Kathmandu then you can stay in some of these hotels as in Hyatt Regency, Soaltee Crown Plaza, Hotel Annapurna, Hotel Shangrila. Enjoy your time with your love. If you give this sweet beginning to the year, your whole year will go smooth.

Explore beautiful places together

Nepal is undoubtedly the most beautiful country on Earth. It has got the most beautiful places. So what are you waiting for? Nothing is more fun than visiting places together. And also there is no best occasion but a new year. Here is a list of amazing places you could visit this new year :


We talked about Nagarkot in our previous articles as well. Nice hike to Nagarkot with your loved one is the best way to celebrate the new year. Situated only a few kilometres away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot has all that you need. Just go away from the crowd of the city and enjoy some privacy. It is a hill station situated only 30 kilometres away from Kathmandu. You could watch the sunrise, the spectacular view of mountains or roam around the beautiful place and just enjoy the hospitality of the best hotels there namely Club Himalaya, Nagarkot Resort and Hotel Mystic Mountain.


Godawari is another place great for a quick getaway. It is equally subtle for hiking as well. Godawari is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu. The dense forest, the picture-perfect setting in the botanical garden is all that you need. You will even get some privacy and spend quality time together. The botanical garden is the main attraction there but the Naudhara, hilly tracks and the climate are also top-notch. It is always very chilly but beautiful. Make sure to take your umbrella you don’t want to get wet on the first day of the year.

Godawari is the best place to hike for this new year. People often say that Godawari is quite overrated but actually I feel it is underrated. It has got amazing things. Just a quick gateway from polluted city. You can reach Godawari from Ratna Park in half an hour drive and the feel is just amazing.

It is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu. It is the best place for a quick gateway. There are beautiful and luxurious hotels you can stay in. The dense forest, the picture-perfect setting in the botanical garden is all you need. Just relax and enjoy your time in this serene place. The hilly tracks, botanical garden and the Naudhara pagoda are some of the attraction of this place. And if you are going in the rainy season, make sure to take your umbrella because you never know when does it rain in Godawari.


Dhulikhel is just one and half hour ride from Kathmandu and yet can give you that isolated and serene feel you also crave for. Once you are there it’s a different environment, great views of the mountain ranges Annapurna, Langtang and Everest will leave you mesmerized. Give a treat to your loved one with a trip to Dhulikhel. One of the best thing about Dhulikhel is that you can stay in local homestays and enjoy the warm hospitality.


How about a nice trip to Pokhara! The list of things that you can do on Pokhara can keep on going and going. Get on a boat ride in Fewa lake or watch the sunrise from Sarangkot. For the adventure lovers, paragliding is there as well. How about adventurous start to the new year and that too with the love of your life. Jump off the cliff with a love of your life but of course with the parachute. To top it all, Pokhara has the best hotels to make stay even better.

Hotel Orchid, Hotel Jalmahal, Hotel fishtail, Waterfront resort and Hotel dream Pokhara that offer the best hospitality. There are amazing places in Pokhara as in Sarangkot, Mahendra Gufa, bat cave. You can hike to Sarangkot and watch the first sunrise of the year. Also, Pokhara is the wildest city when it comes to clubs. There are many clubs and cool places to enjoy. Many concerts keep happening in the town and there are many happening this year as well. So Pokhara should be on your list for New year celebration this year.

Dinner in a fancy restaurant

Nothing is more romantic than a dinner in a subtle place. What else can be the best way to celebrate the new year than with food. You can go for dinner to your favourite place and let go of all of your stress behind. Give sweet beginning to the coming year. There are many good restaurants around Kathmandu. Drawing on my own experience, Melrose restaurant and Bar in Thamel, Third eye restaurant in Thamel, The old house restaurant in Durbar marga and La Sherpa Restaurant are some of the best places.

Go out for evening drink

 Kathmandu has so many varieties of clubs and pubs. It is not necessary that you drink only with your boys. You can take your girl out as well. Take her out for a nice drink and talk with each other. Mezze Roadhouse at Durbar Marg and Tom & Jerry Pub is one of best lounge bars. If you are one of those late-night party animals there are Purple haze, Trisara and the copper floor and these places are lit in the new year. Don’t stay home doing anything, spend the night with the coolest people in clubs.

Go to a concert

 For wild party lovers, there is nothing better than going to a concert. Gather some of your friends and go to a concert. And if you live in Kathmandu or in Pokhara, there will be many concerts you can go to. From concerts with expensive tickets to simple street shows, you will find it all. The shows will have live performances, food, drinks, DJ and simply everything required. Just let yourself loose and dance your troubles out. Yeah, the year 2078 may have been stressful but there is a whole year ahead. Give the best start to the coming year. If you spend the day happy, you will spend the whole year happily. Don’t let this day go to vain.

Go Hiking

Why not start this year with a healthy step. Hiking is not just refreshing but is really a good way to stay healthy. Put on your walking shoes and go out for hiking. There are amazing places you can hike in Kathmandu as well. If you step out early, you may be lucky enough to watch a sunrise. Imagine the view of the first sunrise of the year. You don’t want to miss it right? You can hike to Nagarkot, Chandragiri, Champadevi, Shivapuri and so on.

There are amazing places you can hike this new year. And in Pokhara as well you can hike to Sarangkot and watch the sunrise. Staying close to nature gives you the best feeling. You can explore the flora and faunas of that place. And believe me, it will more than just a walk, You will be refreshed and filled with new energy.

Make it dance night

What is better than enjoying the night with some great music, good food and a beer. Make plans with your loved ones to go to the club this new year. There are amazing clubs around Kathmandu where you can sit back and relax. But make sure that you go to a decent place. There are nice places which offer good ambience and vibes. Dance your heart out in the club. Get yourself a drink and just let it loose. Let all your stress go away and welcome the new year with a fresh beginning. Gather with your friends maybe and just talk about how life is going. And believe me, talking mixed with drinking, there is no better combination. 

Temple Visit

 Well if you are talking about the celebration of a new beginning then there is no way we miss temples. You can start the day with a temple visit. Temple gives you the spiritual feeling and really takes you to another sphere. Thank god for all he gave in the previous year and pray for a happy and healthy year ahead. Kathmandu is known as the city of temples so there is no need for listing temples you would want to visit. But make sure to watch Pashupatiko Arati on the very first day of the year 2078.

Also, there is a temple called Champadevi which especially opens in the new year. It is situated on the hill and you will have to hike to reach there. It is a great combo, hike and reaches a temple, You can even get a view of sunrise and a breathtaking view of the Kathmandu Valley. The vibes that you get in temples is found nowhere else, it is just so magical so keep temples in your list of things to do in the new year.


new year celebration Nepal

Nepal is a tourism country and due to the influence from Western culture, the Gregorian new year Jan 1 is celebrated every year with full of cheers and enjoyment. The tourist areas of Nepal like Thamel, Pokhara, Sauraha etc welcome the new year with full of excitement and enjoyment.

Still, being Bikram Sambat official calendar of Nepal, the whole country welcomes the New year from the heart. The new year Eve on 31st December is celebrated with full of excitement. Many concerts, programs are held in the new year’s Eve. The city of lakes Pokhara seems like a city of light in new year eve.

Many Nepali people, Foreigners gather at the lakeside and enjoy. The bars, hotels aside are full of the people and everyone are dancing, singing and welcoming the new year. The top bands of Nepal perform a live concert and many cultural programs are conducted. The new year is welcomed here from the sunrise viewed from Sarangkot, where people get amazed by seeing the rays of sun scattering in the white snowy peaks.

Another city of Nepal, Chitwan Sauraha also welcomes the new year from the bank of Rapti river. The Chitwan national park is a living habitat for several endangered animals, birds many tourists Visits this place. They are several lodges, hotels, bar, the pub at the bank of Rapti river. The new year is welcomed in Sauraha by the wonderful sunrise seen from the bank.

Coming to the capital city of the country Kathmandu, the tourist area like Thamel, durbar square, Durbar Marg etc bring a new taste in the new year celebration. These places are located at the heart of Kathmandu. Many people including both Nepali and Foreigners together welcomes the new year here. The lights, sounds, the environment all get electrifying here. People keep dancing the whole night and the concert runs the whole night. The city doesn’t sleep the whole night.

Many people visit Nagarkot, Daman etc at a new year where the perfect view of new sunrise can be seen. The effect of New year also hits toward the market. Many companies provide a special offer, discounts, sales etc on the occasion of the new year. The big malls, shopping centres etc gets decorated like a bride. The new movie hits at a town on the occasion of the new year.

The celebration of the new year helps to increase the economical aspect. People travel, lodge, drink eat during the new year which lets the increase of money and employment. Specially Foreigners spends their currency which overalls lead to the economic growth of the country. Besides our tradition and culture is also displayed to them from their performance in the new year.

As English new year is celebrated with full of excitement and enjoyment, the excitement and celebration of Nepali new year are decreasing. English new year is not the Nepali culture, but due to foreign influences, the craze of people are increasing towards English new year than Nepali new year which is not a good sign. The celebration of English new year is good respecting their calendar, but refusing the celebration of Nepali calendar leads toward the destruction of our tradition and culture. This increases the Western culture take over to our culture.

Generally, the Jan 1 falls on Mid of Paush. The winter season is being hit in the country. Cold is shivering in the town. But ignoring winter people enjoy the new year by heart and welcomes the Gregorian New year with full of respect.

 Let us know how your new year went this year in the comment section below !