When we talk about Night life in Kathmandu, then one word strikes in our mind. That is Thamel. Obviously, Thamel is one of the most favorite tourist places due to which this town is awake the whole night while the whole city is in deep sleep. Thamel is only the best place in Kathmandu where you can really feel the night life of the city. There are so many pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, dance club, hotels, a travel agency in every step of Thamel. It is almost crowded the whole day mostly by the tourist and the local people.


thamel, kathmandu

While whole Kathmandu is preparing to sleep, Thamel starts to awake with music, dance parties, and rock bands. You can listen to music, enjoy the dance parties in a disco, and get drinks in restaurants & bars and go to the clubs. If you are a beer lover, then you have to be very careful about the rate of beer because the price of beer in Thamel areas is quite high. There are so many dance parties organized every night in most of the clubs of Thamel where you can shake your body with the flow of music.

If you are a music lover, then you can listen to the different types of music either it is jazz or rock performed by the local bands and some famous brands too. Some tourists even spend their time going to casinos which can be a great option to enjoy the night life in Kathmandu. However, Nepalese are not allowed to go casinos. Besides Thamel, Patan which is just 5-6 km away is another good place for night life.

nightlife in Kathmandu
Night life in Kathmandu

Here are some of the list of restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes where you can enjoy the night life of Kathmandu. These places are mostly famous for drinks, music, dance, and food.

kathmandu night life
Beer party at bar

Tom & Jerry Pub

This is one of the best places to enjoy with a cold Everest beer after weeks of trekking in the mountains. Pool tables and the dance floor gets excited when a big group joins the pub.


A perfect place for a cocktail or a post-trek beer along with the good food, a fine music tune and a peaceful courtyard location where you can sit indoors or outside in patio with twinkling lights.

House of Music

House of music is famous as a music venue every Friday and Wednesday evening where you can get decent rock, reggae and R n B. The music is targeted mostly for the Nepali audience.

J Bar

J-bar is mostly famous among locals, ex-pats, and trekkers. It has an extensive cocktail menu and chills out sound system which will never let you go.

Tamas Spa Lounge

Tamas Spa Lounge is one of the best nights out in Thamel. It offers Buddha-bar ambiance, groundbreaking cocktails, cool sounds and live music from DJs.

Upstairs Jazz

It is only the serious jazz venue in Kathmandu. Every Wednesday and Saturday, it hosts the best musicians in the valley.