After Thamel of Kathmandu, the another town which is best for nightlife in Nepal is Pokhara. In fact, Pokhara is one and only city in Nepal where you can experience a real nightlife and night out. There are so many nightclubs in Pokhara which is opened till midnight. Local boys and girls are found dancing with the tourist in tune of Nepali, Bollywood and English songs. The night clubs and bars of Pokhara get started to close after midnight as per rule of government of Nepal. You have to be careful of any illegal activities in the clubs and bars because very night, police visit these clubs to ensure that no any illegal activities are carried away.

The best day to enjoy the nightlife in Pokhara is in between Christmas to New year during which street food festivals are organized. Hanging out in the Christmas day in Pokhara is one of the most pleasant moments of your life. You can see couples walking on the street with holding hands which will surely make you feel romantic.


Pokhara city at night

The night clubs of Pokhara are referred to be the best one as compared to that of Kathmandu. This is because of less harassment in Pokhara than that in Kathmandu. The busiest days for clubs and bars is the weekend since a large number of groups of people, couple, tourist visit the clubs and bars to refresh them with the wild party. Nightlife is not only famous among the tourist or couples or youth but in fact, in the weekend, a group of family members comes to visit clubs and restaurants to have dinner so that they can spend quality time with the family members.

Lakeside of Pokhara is the best place for nightlife since there are large numbers of clubs, restaurants, bars and hotels. Some of them are sky lounge café, Club Amsterdam café, Laila’s Bar, Busy bee bar, Café Concerto, Blue Lagoon, Nasha club etc are the famous night clubs in Pokhara. Similarly, there are other best dance clubs in Pokhara where local people and foreigners can have their best nightlife. Some of them even have pools and snooker to entertain you.


One night at Pokhara

Here are some of the list of night clubs in Pokhara:

  1. Sky lounge café

It is one of the most famous night clubs in Pokhara due to its environment-friendly, elite ambiance, live sports shows, and movie displayed in a wide television set. You can also enjoy some of the best mixture cocktails or try shisha which is originally brought from Dubai.

  1. Club Amsterdam

It is one of the great places to get hangouts and refresh your mind. You can watch the live sports match along with your favorite drinks.

  1. Club Nasha

It is a famous dance club in Pokhara where you can enjoy with drinks and dishes. You can shake your body with the flow of music on the dance floor.

  1. Busy Bee pub

Busy bee is one of the best night clubs in Pokhara at an affordable price. The best thing is that you can enjoy the music by the local bands.