Ministry of Education Bulletin has released a Notification regarding the technical and financial proposal submission regarding a grant for the printing and distribution of braille textbooks in institutional partnership.

Notice Date: Dec 20, 2022

The notice says, “About the topic at hand, the partner evaluation committee meeting on August 29, 2072, resolved to request sealed technical and financial offers for producing and delivering braille textbooks for school level (classes 1 to 12) from the organizations listed. The Education and Human Resource Development Center Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, has received technical and financial proposals that must be submitted within 15 days after the publication of this notice.


Additionally, you are informed in this notification that proposals not submitted by the deadline will not be considered. Further, it is disclosed that only financial offers will be accepted from firms receiving a technical proposal evaluation score of 60 per cent or higher. ”

More about submission of the technical and financial proposals of braille textbooks in institutional partnership

Documents to be attached with technical proposal

1. Tax registration certificate (including tax payment certificate) or if tax is not levied,
2. Braille textbook printing experience,
3. Manpower details (including regular or contractual) for braille textbook printing;
4. Arrangement and production capacity of Braille Textbook Printing and Production Bello (Braille Printing Press),
5. Estimated time to produce and distribute Braille,
6. An action plan with a base for distributing Braille textbooks,
7. A monitoring mechanism and reporting arrangements to ensure that Braille textbooks reach the hands of visually impaired students

financial proposal regarding grant for printing and distribution of braille textbooks in institutional partnership

Documents to be attached with the financial proposal

1. Per set cost rate per class, including printing and distribution (shipping) (classes 1 to 12 optional for classes 9 to 12
except for subjects),
2. The cost rate per subject of the optional first and second papers of classes 9 and 10, including printing and distribution (shipping), 3. Cost (percentage and amount) borne by the organization per set in partnership for printing and distribution (shipping) of Braille textbooks.

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