NTA Call for Law Member Position Applications. This notice has been published to submit applications from Nepalese citizens who meet the following qualifications: they must be recommended for appointment to the post of law member of the NTA-Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

Notice Date: March 1, 2023

Qualifications required:  Age completed 30 years and not more than 65 years till the last application submission date. At least graduation in law from a recognized educational institution and 7 (seven) years of experience in the relevant field. However, in the case of employees of government services or public institutions, authorities, boards, committees, commissions, foundations, or public limited companies, they have obtained a bachelor’s degree in law and at least 7 (seven) years of working experience in a gazetted first class, tenth level or higher position.

NTA Call for Law Member Position Applications

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 Interested persons who meet the above qualifications should apply to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology by attaching the following documents:

See also  APF Nepal has published preliminary physicals for the positions of ASI and Inspector.

(a) Application for opening of business for which appointment is to be made,
(b) Copy of Certificate of Nepali Citizenship,
(c) Personal details including qualifications (Biodata),
(d) Copy of educational qualification certificate (equivalent in case of foreign educational institution qualification
including certificate),

(e) Copy of experience opening certificate (showing the period of service),
(f) Sealed professional action plan of a maximum of 5000 words prepared on A4 size paper in Nepali or English language (computer typed, at the top of the cover page)
having his name written and no name or other indication of his identity elsewhere);

(g) Two copies of recent photographs,
(h) Self-declaration of not having a permanent residence permit in any foreign country,
(j) Copy of any other documents related to the post.

NTA Call for Law Member Position Applications

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