Nursing is an art and science of caring for the people with the malady, who needs assistance in their daily life activities to lead a healthy and more efficient life. After the era of Florence Nightingale, nursing has come to be known as one of the noblest profession. Due to this, many people choose the avenue of nursing as their career.

In Nepal also, many people have chosen to nurse as their career. However, mostly the females are engaged in this field nowadays. And yes, nursing is a great profession. Once you have passed the course of Nursing, many opportunities lie in front of you. Nursing can provide spiritual satisfaction as you get to be with the people in the time when they need assistance the most. When you understand the essence of nursing, you become a person possessing various skills and inner peace as well. Not only this, you can become economically stable too.

Nursing courses in Nepal

There are different courses of Nursing in Nepal. PCL (Proficiency in Certificate Level), BNS (Bachelor in Nursing Science) and B.Sc. Nursing (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) are the ones from where you would start your journey in the nursing field. PCL course can be done after SLC (School Level Certificate), and after PCL, you can do your course of BNS. For the course of B.Sc. Nursing, you have to complete the higher secondary, plus two in science stream. Further, you can get specialised in the field of Nursing doing Masters and furthermore, Doctorate. You can get Masters Degree in the different field as you prefer like Midwifery, Pediatrics, Public Health, Community Health Nursing, Gerontology and so on. After each degree you complete, you can get more skilled and even more opportunities.

nursing scope in Nepal

Nurse job opportunities

People pursue different educational degrees not only as a passion but they also want to be established and independent in life economically. Nursing provides ample job opportunities as well making you lucratively independent. The job opportunities are bounded not only in the hospitals but there are multifarious opportunities you can grab by your capabilities and skills. Numerous hospitals provide jobs to nurses in Nepal.

According to your preference and vacancy available, you can work in different wards like medical ward, surgical ward, orthopaedic ward, Gynaecological and obstetric ward, paediatric ward and numerous others. For those seeking challenge, emergency Ward, Intensive Care Unit is useful. There are specialised hospitals in Nepal providing care to specific diseases. For instance, Bharatpur Cancer Hospital in Chitwan for Cancer patients, Gangalal Hospital for heart patients, Kanti Bal hospital for children are some of them.

In Nepal, you can get jobs in private hospitals, community hospitals, government hospitals, private clinics etc to practice clinically. Being selected for the job has been getting difficult day by day as the competition is growing along with the population. The number of nurses has also been growing every year. But with determination, updating knowledge and patience you can always land on your dream job. Getting a job in the government sector in Nepal is a very challenging one. You have to go through immense erudition and being in a medical field you always have to update your knowledge. Loksewa provides you with the platform to get a job in government sector in Nepal, and the job is considered a reverential one.

Nursing scope in Nepal

Being a nurse, you don’t have to be limited in clinical areas only. The others include the academics and projects. As the nursing field is becoming competitive, the number of institutions producing nursing manpower has been growing too. Though this implies competition, it provides opportunities for those aspiring to be a role model in the academics field. To come in this field, you have to get your Bachelors degree first. Then you can start as an instructor and with time experience and researches you do, you can become Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor in the future. Also, you can get involved in different health projects and research as well. You can also work by being involved in different organisations and researchers working to improve the health status of people.

The scope of Nursing may not seem wide enough to many but once you get into it, you can do various things. Many new hospitals, geriatric home, nursing homes, research centres are to be built in the future in different areas of Nepal according to the estimation of government and with this, the scope of nursing is being widened too.