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Finding a suitable job after your is quite a task in Nepal. We all know those graduates who look all the newspapers and vacancies there and apply their luck. But how often do you find a vacancy that actually meets your expectations and also you meet their expectations. It is not that there are not jobs the only thing is you need to search for it . And it is quite hectic to search it in newspapers. 

But now things have changed. There are internet platforms from where you can apply for jobs. Nepal has now many internet users so these platforms are actually very effective.  They are not the company that will offer you the job but they are recruitment agencies.  They act as middle men between you and the company looking for candidates. These sites post the respective jobs in their website and then you can look if the job is suitable for you and then apply for it. I am listing some of the well known names in Nepal that provide internet recruitment solutions.

Mero job                          

 When we talk about recruitment agencies, Mero Job is the first name that pops in my mind. It is one of the best website with the most number of job listing. I myself visit the site quite often and yes it has many jobs from all categories .So there are chance s you will find your dream job in Mero Job. Not only from my experience but mero Job also has highest Alexa ranking among all the other sites. It is the website with highest page views of 100 million  and around 2.5 million visits every month. Mero Job has now become the new location for your dream job. Mero job serves many companies of Nepal. It post job from all kind of organizations ; financial institutions ,Schools ,Colleges, NGOs and INGOs . It links companies with deserving candidates providing mutual benefit for both the parties. As per its motto goes Mero Job actually helps you to aim higher.


Services of Mero Job

  • Listing of hundreds of job providing deserving candidates to companies.
  • Apart from that, it also provides job training and even career counseling.

 Mero Job is definitey the best platform to head start your career. To find your suitable job visit :


 The other emerging platform in recruitment is JobsNepal. JobsNepal also has wide variety of job listings from companies of all nature and size. It posts local jobs that will best suit your academics and abilities. In terms of Alexa ranking as well is the second best platform after merojob. JobsNepal is exclusively for Nepali talents, international companies can also list their jobs in jobsNepal but only Nepali job seekers can access the website.

What makes JobsNepal step ahead is that it has  resume management software  where you can make your resume more professional and attractive. You also get career counseling, training and workshops to prepare you for the market.

 Website of JobsNepal :

Kantipur Job

Kantipur Job is another platform run by Kantipur Management Private Limited. Kantipur Management Private limited has been providing Human resource solution since 2012. And with that reputation, Kantipur Job is also doing quite well. It has listings from various companies and operates with mission of connecting deserving candidates with the suitable company. Website :

 Make sure to visit their website to find out opportunities and make sure to grab it in the right time. Some of the services kantipur Job offers are listed as Recruitment and Selection Services, Training and Development, HR Consulting, Staffing Services.

Kumari Jobs is another pioneer in human resource recruitment . Kumari Jobs offers all the human resource solutions like placement, recruitment in all kind of companies like financial institutions, corporate houses, trading houses, Schools, Colleges, I/NGOs etc.

It is operated by First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd since 2014. Jobs Nepal Private limited is a Kathmandu-based leading human resource consulting firm with. So ,many clients of Kumari Jobs are from Jobs Nepal Private limited which already has served thousands of customers and help them get their dream job. It has good reputation and has huge pool of satisfied clients.

Here is the website : 

 Ramro Job is another platform run by   Creative Job Pvt. Ltd .It aims to help companies find best employee and vice versa. Offering services like Job Posting Service, Outsourcing, HR Consulting and placement services it is one of growing portal in Nepal.

Website :

We hope you will find your dream job. Before you go for interview in your desired company here are few tips from us :

Tips for job interview

  • Gain enough knowledge about the industry . Do a proper research about the company  before you go for interview.
  • We all think we deserve the job but you should try to meet the interviewer’s expectations. Try to read their face and be clear of what they are looking in you .
  • Confidence is the key. Present yourself  with confidence, be well dressed  or even a little makeup may help . Wear formals and look as tidy as possible.
  • Be clear and precise. Clearly answers the questions to make tem believe you are worthy for jobs. If you don’t have skill ,then don’t lie be honest but show your passion to learn that skill. A lie may help at first but it doesn’t  work  on long term basis.
  • Prepare yourself for the common questions. There is nothing wrong in already preparing for some questions . There are few common questions like “ Why should we hire you ?”, “What makes you different from other candidates ?“, “Why do you want this job ? “ . Prepare for these questions so that you can be confident.

Be honest about your abilities and weaknesses and show passion. Honesty goes a long way and even if you don’t get that job don’t worry you still will get many opportunities. It will really help you land on your dream job.