Opal fare, Opal new fare is coming on action from September 5. New Opal fare has introduced good aspect like $2 discount on transfer. Previously, customers used to pay full fare when transferring from bus to train or train to bus. Opal discount has been limited to $2 for adult and $1 for Child/Youth or Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card.

Opal new fare from September 5

Customers needed to pay huge fare in a short journey before. Customers traveling on bus (short distance) & train (long distance) need to spend $5 before. From this changes, customers can only pay $3 because of discount of $2. Thanks to Opal for this case.

opal fare

This image is taken form www.opal.com.au

Transfer time has been noted as 60 minutes like before in case of bus and train. For Ferry, transfer time is allocated to 130 minutes.
Customers traveling multiple transfer will be more benefited. For instance, customers transferring bus to train and then to bus again will get $4 discount ($2 for concession cards).

Opal price has normally risen to those who travels for number of times. Previously there used to be free travel after 8 completed travels. From September 5, customers will not get full fare discount. Instead, customer needs to pay half fare after 8 journeys.

Opal fare, Opal new fare conclusion

Opal new fare will be huge for those who travels for numerous time. For those customers who makes transfer from bus to train or train to bus will be benefited. Opal new fare has finalized limit the daily cap to $15 for adult and $7.50 for other discount card as usual. Opal has not changed fare for peak hour and off peak hour. For more information regarding opal fares, you can visit official website of Opal on www.opal.com.au.

So, this changes on Opal fare can be taken lightly. You can jot down your views regarding the fare changes by Opal on the comment section below.