Opening and verifying a PayPal account in Nepal is difficult for Nepali users. PayPal, the world’s most used online payment processor, is yet to make its full features available to a lot of countries, including Nepal. This article discusses how to open a PayPal account in Nepal with full access and a 100% verified account.

Paypal is an American company for online payments. Paypal is the easiest way of making payments. It supports online monetary transactions. It replaces traditional modes of payment like cheques, cash and money orders. Paypal serves as the basis for making payments on different online platforms. It charges little money for providing this service. Paypal officially started in 2002, and later it became a subsidy of eBay the same year. PayPal in Nepal is difficult. This article mentions the solution to using Paypal Nepal.

PayPal in Nepal

One of the world’s largest internet payment companies, PayPal, was founded in December 1998, and it has been providing services regarding online payment since then. Almost everything is possible online now. When you are surfing the net, you would want to make online purchases, or you would want to do an online-based job. But, anything pecuniary in the online world and you come across a PayPal account as it is a standard method used for an online transaction.

But still, it has not been able to provide its services in all the world countries. Sadly, a PayPal account in Nepal is one in which the full features of PayPal are not available. You can quickly sign up for PayPal through its official website,, but verifying it is much more complex.

For Nepalese users, it is possible to open a PayPal account in Nepal, and it is possible to verify a Nepalese PayPal account. It also comes with its limitations.


  • Nepali PayPal account comes with Send only feature.
  • A merchant can only send payouts from Nepal.
  • A PayPal account holder can’t receive or withdraw money from Nepal.

PayPal in Nepal is not easy, and the PayPal account of Nepal cannot be linked to any of our Nepalese Banks because, according to the banking rule of Nepal, the Nepal Central Bank needs an explanation on every money that comes to the country and that goes out of the country.

It is no doubt one of the most convenient ways of making payments. But, unfortunately, Paypal has not provided a full feature for Nepal. Even if you create an account with Paypal, you can’t make payments. You can’t accept money from others and can’t make payments. When shopping online, you can’t use your account to make payments if you live in Nepal.

Except for a few countries, including Nepal, Paypal is legal and widely used. You need an international debit or credit card for a verified Paypal account. And Nepali can’t get an international card without a foreign visa. Nepal Rastra Bank doesn’t allow Nepali citizens to get international cards. This makes using Paypal in Nepal impossible. However, there are some smart ways. These are not the best way, but you can follow the procedures if you need to use Paypal.

However, people have been using other tricks to open a PayPal account in Nepal and use it. We do not recommend doing so. Here, we will give you some ideas and replacement options for PayPal in Nepal.

How to Open PayPal Account in Nepal

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign up.
  • Fill in the details.
  • Verify your email address.

You can open a PayPal account in Nepal but can’t use the full features.

How to Open PayPal account in Nepal

Here’s what you must do: Sign up to Payoneer, verify, and order an international MasterCard. Sign up to PayPal and verify the card using Payoneer MasterCard. Payoneer MasterCard needs some balance for verification.

Open PayPal account in Nepal and verify

You can not receive payment in this account because of NRB rules and regulations. A Nepalese PayPal account can send money only. The Payoneer card funds your payments, so you should have some balance. You’ll have to make money online on freelancing websites like oDesk and Elance to be able to spend online.

Getting your relatives abroad to do the work

If you have friends, families or relatives abroad, you can ask them to receive or send money from their PayPal account for you. If there is mutual trust between you two, then it is easier. PayPal abroad does not have restrictions as we do here in Nepal. If a PayPal account gets any limitations, the person abroad can verify the details with their authentic information when the problem occurs.

The limitation here is that many of us may not have relatives abroad. You are lucky if you have one to do your work for you.

Here is another method for those who want a Paypal account without any problem and easily withdraw funds from your Paypal account anytime, anywhere.

  • For that, you must have a trusted person in the USA.
  • He should have a verified account, then under his account, he can create a student account for their child, and you can be their child and make your student account.
  • Remember that they can manage your account, so you need a trusted person.
  • You can apply for a Master Card with Paypal, which will be delivered to your parents, who will send it to you in Nepal. (Paypal will issue cards only for USA-based users.)
  • Now you can access your Paypal funds via ATM anytime.

It is not so expensive, but the limit is that maximum daily withdrawal from an ATM is 10,000 NPR only. This is due to the banking rule of the country since international exchange rates are less than our Nepal Rastra Bank.

It is said that it comes to cost around 5 to 8 per cent due to ATM fees.

Paypal with Bank Account

Another easy way to use Paypal is through India. Paypal is legal in India, and since India is near Nepal. You can use this advantage. Just create a bank account in any Indian bank. This way, you can use the bank account details for verification. This is the most legal way and won’t cost extra charges like using a Payoneer master card. You can ask your friend or relative living in India for a favour. They can create a bank account for you, and you can quickly get the account details. This is how you can use PayPal in Nepal for now.

PayPal Alternatives in Nepal

Payoneer Mastercard

We can receive and use money using Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal. But for this, you need a Payoneer card. Payoneer Mastercard helps as an alternative to PayPal in Nepal. With Payoneer Mastercard, it is easy to get online payments. It provides a more accessible feature to send money online as well. You will have a plastic card in your hand. You need to provide authentic documents to get an approved Payoneer account. Payoneer International card will be shipped to your address by postal method.

Go to and sign up for free. You will have to provide the information regarding your first name, last name, date of birth, e-mail address, country name, street address, city, postal/zip code and phone number. Then you have to create a password and answer a security question. The other information you must provide is your identification number, which may be the number of your citizenship card, driving license or passport. Then, you must order the card, which will be sent to your shipping address.

Here are the steps that help you get a Payoneer card:

  • First of all, you need to sign up for Payoneer. Use the link to sign up:
  • Fill in the required details, and you must also submit a few documents.
  • Once you complete your requirements, order your master card.

You need to have a balance on your Payoneer account before they send MasterCard. So use online earning platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to earn a few bucks, and sign up for Payoneer from them.

This way, you don’t have to depend on your relatives living abroad for foreign transactions.


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