One of the world’s largest internet payment companies, PayPal was founded in December 1998, and it has been providing the services regarding online payment since then. Almost everything is possible online now. When you are surfing the net, you would want to make online purchases, or you would want to do an online based job. But, anything pecuniary in the online world and you come across PayPal account as it is a standard method used for an online transaction.

But still, it has not been able to provide its services in all the countries of the world. Sadly, PayPal account in Nepal is one of them in which full features of PayPal are not available. You can easily sign up for PayPal through its official website but verify it is a lot harder.

Open PayPal account in Nepal and verify

However, people have been using other tricks to open the PayPal account in Nepal and use it. Here, we will give you some ideas based on that. You can use three ways to open and use PayPal account in Nepal. Since PayPal hasn’t officially provided Nepal with all its features, these might not be legitimate. However, it is worth giving a try if you need a PayPal account.

Open Paypal account in Nepal Using Payoneer Mastercard

You can go to Paypal’s website and sign up easily by providing the correct information about yourself. However, when it comes to providing the number of bank account or internationally accepted credit card number, you will be in a difficult position. It is because Nepal’s bank account are not supported in Paypal, and internationally issued credit cards are also tough to get issued in Nepal. So, here comes the use of Payoneer mastercard.

Payoneer is an American company in which you can open Bank of America’s account and Payoneer Debit Card after going through a simple registration process.

Go to and sign up for free. You will have to provide the information regarding your first name, last name, date of birth, e-mail address, country name, street address, city, postal/zip code and phone number. Then you have to create a password and answer a security question. The other information that you have to provide is your identification number which may be either the number of citizenship card, driving license or passport. Then, you have to order the card which will be sent to your shipping address.

To use the Payoneer card’s details for Paypal, there should be some balance first. So, you need to make money online through some freelancing websites in your Payoneer card.

Then, go to the card details in Paypal and provide the Payoneer card number, expiration date and CSC or CVC number at the back of the card. After Paypal makes a little transaction from the Payoneer card, you will be able to use the Paypal account.

The limitation of this method is that it can only be used to send the payments.

Open PayPal account in Nepal Using Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

The trick in this method is that you will use a Virtual Credit Card’s details in the credit card information to be provided in the Paypal during sign up process. You should buy VCCs from reputed sellers so that you do not get scammed. is one of the cheap sites to buy VCC.

To use this method, when you sign up for PayPal, do not select Nepal as your country. You have to select other countries, e.g. USA and the IP address of another country should be used. After providing all other information, use the information of VCC (card no, expiratory date and CSC/CVC) to provide the credit card information. However, you need to keep in mind that information of VCC should be used within 24 hours. After you enter details, click Get number at the bottom to receive four digit verification code which is used to verify your PayPal account.

Its limitation is that it is not a legitimate option and Paypal can figure it out that the country’s name in which the account is registered and the country from which the person is logging in are different. And so, an account can get frozen at times.

open paypal account in nepal verify

open paypal account in nepal verify

Open PayPal account in Nepal Getting your relatives abroad do the work

If you have your friends, families or relatives abroad, then you can ask them to use their information to open PayPal account for you. If there is mutual trust between you two, then it is easier to open and verify Paypal account. Though it might get frozen at times, the person abroad can verify the details with their authentic information when the problem occurs.

The limitation here is that many of us may not have relatives abroad. If you have one to do your work for you, then you are lucky.