Christmas is right around the corner. Favorite time of the year, where everything is red and green and white, decorated with beautiful ornaments and Christmas trees. The vibe is so real. There are literally Santa Claus on the street, all the shops and even streets, malls, homes are decorated in Christmas theme. Everybody is busy buying gifts for their love ones and shopping for themselves. Where all the family members and relatives come and gather and have feast and celebrate. It’s a very special festival. And while corner is slowly transforming to fit the Christmas Theme, what better way then organizing a Christmas Party in Office. If you are anxious about getting the office party flowing then here are some amazing tips and tricks and ideas to organize a Christmas Party in office.

5 Formulas Organize Christmas Party in Office

  1. Pick A Date
    Isn’t it obvious like Christmas party should be on Christmas day or Eve? Well, no. At this time around the year it is very stressful, most of your co-workers are involve in their home festivals and as well as setting up for visiting their family and relatives. It’s smart to consider throwing a party at least a good week or two prior to Christmas. So with everybody’s consent and agreement, pick up a date which is convenient for all the party
  2. Decorations are the must
    Decoration are the must and at top priority and it’s not a good idea to skip out on decorations. There are countless of store that provides decorations for every budget. Plain walls do not make people want to get down and party. As its Christmas, it’s a must to have a Christmas tree. Buy a a Christmas tree, can be as small or huge as desired and buy lots of cute sparking  lights and ornaments and just having a Christmas tree and decorating it will bring out the festive mood. Plan and collect budget and buy gifts for all the co-workers like a little treat. Also Christmas related songs could be a good idea, even though it’s quite cringe worthy.
  3. Respects everyone’s view
    Only everyone who celebrates what you celebrate. When organizing Christmas Party, keep it non-denominational. Don’t force anyone and also don’t make fun or let’s make the environment less awkward.
  4. Food And Drinks
    Always, always and always make sure that you provide enough sustenance. It’s never a party unless there’s some really good yummy food and some good cocktails. Also to make sure you have enough to go around, nothing bums a party gore more when there’s not being enough food or booze. To make sure you do not come down this road, you may consider ordering or booking cater and also it doesn’t necessary have to be expensive top-notch food. Something reasonable, hot in this cold season and snacks and booze that everybody generally enjoys.
  5. Party Animal
    We all have that one person in your group, that has too much fun and acts little bit crazy (by little bit we mean by a lot) after few drinks. And it’s fine and as well as you know how to control that individual. Make sure keep an eye for the party animal. This person can destroy your party.

Office party does not have be huge, a simple get together with nicely decorated venue and good food and drinks will be more than sufficient but of course you can step up the party game and make it as grand as desire according to the budget. Most importantly, as long as everybody enjoys it, it’s a blast.