Oyo hotel started as a single hotel in India back in 2013 and now in few years they are now South Asia’s Largest Hotel chain. In 2019, they have 8500 plus properties offering standardized and well built hotels. They claim you to make your travel fun and hassle free. The best thing about Oyo rooms Nepal is that they provide same service and facilities and same experience throughout the world. In every booking, you make throughout the world you are sure to get WiFi facility, Ac rooms and television facility.

oyo rooms nepal

They even offer very budget friendly rooms compared to other facilities. Recently, Oyo hotels have now started their service in Nepal as well. Kathmandu and Pokhara are the most important tourist destinations of Nepal. They have many hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara for now. But are expanding and aim to cover other major cities of Nepal. Oyo rooms Nepal is amazing.

 How to book Oyo hotel Rooms online ?

In the article I am listing the ways to book Oyo rooms online. Here is the link to the website of Oyo Hotels: https://www.oyorooms.com/.

Once you enter the website. You will see option of Login/Signup in the top left corner.To make your booking you must first sign up with Oyo rooms. Use your phone number to sign up. Now every time you wish to book a room you need to log in with your phone number.

In the top corner you will find search option. You can search for your rooms as per location, locality or name of  the hotel.Once you search as per your need you will see variety of option. Click on the picture to choose your ideal hotel. You will get further details. You can now make your booking. Enter all required information as in required rooms,check in and check out time and date. Once you enter all information click on continue to book. This way you can directly book your Oyo room without any hassle.You can make payment on reaching the hotel directly.

One of the worst thing about travelling abroad is being fooled by middle agents while hotel booking. But now without Oyo hotel you can easily book your hotel online

All of the booking and other procedures can be done through mobile app as well. Oyo has recently started its mobile app which you can get at google play and App store.

How does Oyo Rooms Nepal work ?

Oyo rooms act as platform for your hotel booking. They actually don’t own all those hotels in their website. They just partner with the hotels. Here is how the Oyo platform works:

  • The Oyo team first book a part of hotel’s inventory.
  • And then organize their bookings under their own brand name so that you can book it later on.
  • As mentioned in the Oyo website this hotels give all the facilities like clean rooms,wi fi facility, TV and so on. The hotels fulfill all the condition mentioned in The Oyo website.
  • You make your bookings from Oyo website and get room in hotels partnered with Oyo.
  • The hotels also receive good value as Oyo has bow become a well knon name in hotel booking.

Have fun with your Oyo bookings. As their business motto goes Save big ,Travel better.