Pathao was founded in 2015 by Hussain M Elius and Shifat Adnan. It is among the fastest-growing tech startups in Asia. Pathao was started by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in order to provide easier transportation services to People and to address the biggest traffic problem in Bangladesh.

It is ride-hailing service in South Asia and is also one of the promising tech startups in Asia. Pathao with the help of motorcycles, cars, and bicycles, provides transportation facilities to its customers.

Evolution of pathao in Nepal

After a successful operation in Bangladesh, Pathao has now started its service in Nepal as well. And within 4 months of operation in Nepal, it gained around 20,000 users and 200000 downloads.

Tootle was the first of its kind in Nepal to start this kind of service and in 2020. Pathao entered the market. For now, Pathao is only confined to Kathmandu but later on, it has the possibility for expansion in other major cities of Country.

 Maybe because of the goodwill of tootle as well Pathao could do well in the market easily. Tootle still remains the market leader in this business since it was the first of its kind. Tootle had to struggle with gaining the trust of customers while Pathao could directly come and operate in the market.

In this article, I will be listing a few details about Pathao and how to use the app for your convenience

How to use pathao Service

Download the Pathao app from the play store and app store. The app once downloaded can be used to enjoy rides. Once you download the app, follow the instructions mentioned.

  1. Open your Pathao app on your phone.
  2. Then select what kind of bike you want to go for either scooter or bikes. You can even choose your rider.
  3.  Then type in your destination. You can select the menu select destination area at the top. Or, you can also select Map to manually find your location.
  4. Once you select your destination, press on Done
  5. Select Bike and press Send Pickup Request
  6.  Once you complete all the steps Pathao will connect you to a nearby rider and you can get to your destination in time

How do I become Pathao rider

You may be willing to make some spare money or some college students may be willing to earn their pocket money by themselves then Pathao is the ideal thing for you. You can make some money by giving rides to people. You need to register in order to start working as a rider.

Click on the link to complete the registration process:

 Then once you open the link fill in the required details. You need to fill your full name, Phone number, your ride type, and your current address. Then click on the submit option. You will receive further notifications if you are selected. You need to pass a test to qualify as a rider.

Amazing features of Pathao

Not everyone can afford a taxi service and it is quite uneasy to travel on the bus. Bus travel in Kathmandu is no less than torture. So with Pathao, you can enjoy a bike ride. The price is less than that of a taxi and the travel is much easier than on a bus .

With just a few clicks get pathao ride and reach your destination on time. You can get picked up and dropped at your destination with just a click..

 There is a facility for discounts and promo codes. You can share code with your friends and when they use that code they get up to 100 % off on their firsts ride and you too get 100 % ride on your next ride. However, the cash limit for this offer is only Rs 50.

Pathao provides you 24 / 7 support. In case you have any problem with your service or your rider you can easily contact the executives of Pathao from the app. You can then file your complaints or give feedback.

Pathao is a great platform for riders to make extra money. You can just enroll yourself with Pathao and can make extra money from that empty seat on your bike or scooter. It is not a full-time job but you can work at your convenience and can earn up to 40000 a month. Just pick or drop someone on your way to college or work. Pathao is simply giving a lift to someone but with a fair.

 With pathao, you can beat traffic and save some time. We are very familiar with the fact that traveling through a bike is much faster than traveling through public vehicles. And also the bike is the most convenient while you are stuck in a traffic jam.

 The only concern now is the safety issue. Pathao selects rider only after the proper tests. The riders are trained and the bikes are also in good condition and there is a system of GPS tracking so you don’t have to worry about riding with an unknown rider. You can even directly file a complaint through your pathao App. You can rate your experience once you reach your destination.

Risk associated while using pathao service

Even with all these solutions, we can still not overlook the risk of riding a two-wheeler in the busy roads of Kathmandu. Also, it is not the quite convincing idea of sharing ride with an unknown person and This applies both ways, unsafe for the rider as well as the customer, but pathao claims they take full responsibility of their client and the riders are also tested before they are registered.

Everything has its pros and cons but overall I think this is a great way to address the transportation problems in busy cities like Kathmandu So, this platform definitely deserves support from all of us.

Ban of pathao in Nepal

 Pathao along with tootle was ban after traffic started taking actions against the riders. In Nepal, It is considered illegal to conduct this kind of business. Recently cases were filed against many pathao and tootle riders by customers. And police even took action against some riders and the service was banned for some time. But then the action received a lot of criticism from the public and the rage was clearly seen in social media. Now again the ban was canceled and pathao along with tootle have again started their operations.

Pathao and tootle, both are in operation now.