A notice regarding the application form for a PhD in Management/Development Management and Governance has been released by the Nepal Open University’s Faculty of Management and Law, Office of the Dean, Manbhawan, Lalitpur.

Notice Date:Dec 20, 2022

First Date of Publication: 2079-08-24)

The Faculty of Management and Law (FOML) of Nepal Open University (NOU) is accepting applications from qualified applicants who wish to pursue a PhD in management, development, or governance.

 PhD in ManagementDevelopment Management and Governance 

a) A MPhil degree in a management-related discipline (such as business, commerce, or management) from an accredited university with at least a 3.3 CGPA is required as well as five years of teaching or other relevant professional experience in order to be eligible for a PhD in management.

b) To qualify for a PhD in development management and governance, you must have an MPhil from an accredited university with at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA in a related field of development and governance, such as public administration, governance, economics, or rural development, as well as five years of teaching or other relevant professional experience.

Candidates applying for the PhD admission are required to submit the following documents

  • Filled up the online form (Please go to Entrance at the Student Panel at www.nou.edu.np/) 
  •  Academic testimonials from the SLC/SEE up to the Master’s and MPhil levels 
  •  Proposed Research Intention / Issue ( 1,000 words, handwritten), which must include:   
  • Area of the proposed research/ topic
  • Research issues
  • Rationale/ practical justification of the proposed research
  • Preliminary pathway/approach for conducting the proposed study 
  •  Proof of professional/ work experience 


The selection process shall be as follows

  • Performance achievement in MPhil levels
  • Performance in the entrance test (Verbal Ability, General Awareness and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability and Research Methodology)
  • Proposed Research Intention/ Issue
  • Interview/ Defence of Proposed Research Intention/ Issue

Deadline: 27 Magh 2079 BS (10 February 2023 ) Friday 

Date of PhD admission test: 13 Falgun 2079 BS (25 February 2023) Saturday 

Bank Detail:

Application Fee: Rs. 5,000/(Five thousand rupees only) to be deposited to Global IME Bank, Kirtipur branch ( A/c No. 0501010000502; A/C Name: Nepal Khulla Vishwovidhyalaya


The FOML Research Committee shall be the authority to make the final decision on the candidate’s eligibility for the PhD admission at NOU. Selected PhD candidates shall work under the designated supervisor(s) through the face-to-face (in-person) and other supplementary modes.

Contact: Tel. No. 01-5008048; 01-5913950 

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