Nepal is definitely best place to visit. It is listed time and again as best place to visit in the word. In summer as well, there are places that you can travel to refresh. Nepal has diverse range of climate and you can find different climates in different region. 

Monkey Temple in Nepal

In this summer as well climate ranges from very hot to extremely chilly.  So in the article I am listing few places that you can visit in summer . When you are travelling it is very important that you understand the climate of that particular region. For instance you don’t want to go to Chitwan or Sauraha at this time of year. It is extremely hot and it will be tough for you to sustain their. But there are places which are cool in this climate and places you can visit at this time of the year.


 Mustang is one of the most popular  place to visit in Nepal. It lies in himalayan region so it is always kind of chilly in here. It lies in Tibet and Nepal border. Mustang is a beautiful place with deserted look . As per its climate nothing grows here but few shrubs so it is not the most green  place. But the place is awesome for the peaceful environment it has . The places like Kaligandaki George situated in Mustang, Jomsom Valley makes it even more beautiful. Mustang is best place to visit this summer . In winter it gets extremely chilly but in summer the climate is  just perfect.


Even being one of  the most remote areas in Nepal, Dolpa is a  beautiful pace for tourism. The settlement there is untouched by modernization and  development. The place is all natural and that is what it makes it so beautiful. Dolpa is situated in Phoksundo National Park of mid-western Nepal. I like to define Dolpa as place so simple yet so rich specially in terms of floras and faunas .  This summer you must visit the amazing  place.  Looking at the climate this is best time to visit Dolpa.


 The capital of the country, Kathmandu is a gem in itself.  It is got quiet serene places while the most loud wild places, places where you can learn and places where  you can chill. Places with historical beauty and importance and places with the most modern feel. There is so much you can do in Kathmandu from visiting the temples to just enjoy the modern life style there.

And above all climate in Kathmandu is the best.   The valley is most of the times very cool, except in the  peak hours  12 to 2, the city is cool most of the times . So Kathmandu is one of the best places to be this summer. And since it is the capital of the country, it is quite developed . You will find good restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping Malls and hotels to stay in .


Pokhara right now has the best climate and I recommend everyone to visit the Pokhara at this time of the year. The climate is just perfect at this time. Even if it is hot, don’t worry because it rains a lot in Pokhara. The moment it becomes more hot, it rains that way you never get to feel very hot.

I don’t have to describe the beauty of Pokhara in this article as we all know Pokhara is called heaven in Nepal. The city of lakes and one of the most clean city in Nepal Pokhara is best place to travel .

Things to do in Pokhara

Within six hours of drive form Kathmandu you can reach Pokhara and enjoy the beauty there.  This beautiful city is filled with lakes and protected by mountain ranges  from all the sides.  You will find amazing places in Pokhara from caves to lakes and deep jungles . There is so much that you can do in Pokhara right now as in row a boat in Phewa lake, watch sunrise form Sarangkot. Enjoy the scenic view of mesmerizing Mountains. You can even do paragliding from Sarangkot hill and recently zip lining has been introduced in Pokhara .

Pokhara is best place to go with your friends family or your love. Pokhara has something to offer to everyone . From many temples to clubs and bars, Pokhara has it all.


 If you want to go to hill station not that far from capital then,  Nagarkot is the best place. Nagarkot is one of best places I have ever been to all my life. Nagarkot is hill station situated around 40 minutes drive from the capital. People visit the place to watch the sunrise. But it is more than just that. Specially in summer, Nagarkot is the best place to be looking at the view it provides.  You can catch a glimpse Mount Everest , Annapurna range from the hill.  of  The natural setting, the dense forests will blow your mind. 

Nagarkot is the best gateway to beat this heat. It is cool and you will get that breeze of wind to refresh you. Another very good thing about Nagarkot is that it has many hotels and restaurants to stay and eat.  So Nagarkot definitely should be in your list of places to travel in Summer.

Travel to Godawari

People often say that Godawari is quite overrated but actually I feel it is underrated. It has got amazing things. Just a quick gateway from polluted city . You can reach godawari from Ratna park in half an hour drive and the feel is just amazing.

It is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu it is best place for a quick gateway in this hot summer. There are beautiful and luxurious hotels you can stay in. The dense forest, the picture perfect setting in the botanical garden is all you need. Just relax and enjoy your time in this serene place. The hilly tracks, botanical garden and the Naudhara pagoda are some of the attraction of this place.  And above all it rains a lot in Godawari so don’t worry about heat or summer but do remember to  take your umbrella .