Plane crash happens quite often in Nepal. Not only national flights but international flights also get in severe crashes killing hundreds of people. In recent years as well Nepal has seen many severe plane crashes. With Lukla airport which is considered to be one of the most dangerous runway of the world being in Nepal, it is pretty obvious that aeroplane are not safe in Nepal. The latest crash of US-Bangla Airlines flight 211 killed 51 lives drowning nation in deep grief. Today I list 10 most dangerous plane crash in Nepal. I have given the ranking as per the number of deaths. Most of the people were Nepalese in abroad who were visiting Nepal from Foreign Employment .

10 Dangerous Plane crash in Nepal

plane crash in nepal

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268

The plane crashed in 28 September, 1992 killing 167 people. The accident took place at Kathmandu and the reason is said to be pilot error. The plane was coming to Kathmandu from Karachi when it faced an unfortunate accident.

Thai Airways flight 311

The flight crashed in Langtang National Park on 31 July, 1992 killing 113 passengers. The plane was coming to Kathmandu from Bangkok. The reason behind the accident is said to be pilot error and Air Traffic Control loss of control.

US-Bangla Airlines flight 211

The recent air crash of the aeroplane in TIA on 12 March 2020 while landing killed 51 lives including 16 young Nepali students. The plane was coming to Kathmandu from Bangladesh and lost control while landing and burst into flames. The misunderstanding between ATC and pilot is said to be reason behind the accident.

National airlines corporation flight

In 1969,the national flight of NAC faced an unfortunate crash in Batasey dada, Palpa killing 35 lives.

Royal flight

The royal Nepalese air force crashed on 13 September, 1972 in Dhulikhel on its way. The crash killed all the 31 passengers.

Nepal Airlines

In 2000 AD, another flight of Nepal Airlines crashed in Dadeldhura District. The reason behind the crash is said to be difficult landscape which was inappropriate for flying.The accident took away 25 lives.

Tara Air

A small Tara Air Aircraft crashed in Myagdi on its way to Jomsom from Kathmandu killing on February 24, 2016. The crash killed 23 lives (everyone on board including the crew members).

Tara Air

On December 15, 2010 the Tara air twin otter crashed shortly after take off in Okhaldhunga killing 19 passengers and 3 crew members. The aircraft was heading to Kathmandu from Lamidanda airport. The reason is said to be bad weather.

Sita Air flight 601

On 28 December 2012, Sita air flight 601 crashed in Madhypur, Bhaktapur after a bird strike the plane that caused damage in climb out. The crash killed 19 lives. The plane was heading to Lukla airport from Kathmandu.

Buddha air flight 103

On 25 September, 2011 Buddha Air flight 103 crashed in Kotdanda, Lalitpur killing 19 people. It was a Mountain flight (Ktm-Ktm) and the reason was said to be carelessness of the pilot.