Pokhara Internet (PI net) is not satisfactory. I had lots of trouble during surfing webpages. Even I could not start writing, posting articles on my websites. PI net is the oldest internet service provider in Pokhara valley. Although being oldest ISP in Pokhara, internet service seems to be too much slow. I used 384 Kbps, 512 Kbps of PI net. All of them were not satisfactory. I rank 1/10 for PI net.

Barahi Internet, previously known as Betal net is similar to PI net. I am using 384 Kbps internet of Barahi after being frustrated with PI net. Barahi Internet in pokhara is also weak and unsatisfied. Barahi Internet has lots of complains from my side. I am reloading this page for 3 times to share with you all. I complained the Barahi Internet for the weak internet service. They could never make my internet fast. It is extremely slow. I normally use facebook and surf websites and I do not prefer downloading. Although, 384 Kbps internet is sufficient for me, due to slow connection I asked for 512 Kbps package. Disadvantage of Barahi Internet is that it does not have package for 512 Kbps. I rank 1/10 for Barahi Internet. Please do not choose Barahi Internet if you are making a plan to choose it.

Broadlink Internet in Pokhara was satisfactory before when it used to have unlimited internet usage package. This time broadlink has initiated bandwidth limitation feature. Although with a good price, you can go with Broadlink for having good internet service. I rank 6/10 for Broadlink Internet service in Pokhara.

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Websurfer Internet in Pokhara is not bad too. Websurfer has a made a good reviews in Pokhara. Even residents of Pokhara refer for websurfer Internet service in Pokhara. I personally have used Websurfer too. I felt good being a Websufer costumer.

ADSL Internet in Pokhara is not so much satisfactory and is good for normal users. ADSL has lots of problems with variation in weather condition. The limited connection, not glowing bulb of internet connection in Router are common problem in ADSL. Due to this problem, I personally shifted to choose other ISP in Pokhara.

Worldlink Internet was best internet service provider in Pokhara. In recent days, Worldlink do not have office/branch in Pokhara. There is a office of Lumbini Internet in the building of Worldlink these days. I have not been the user of Lumbini Internet, so i could not make a reviews on it.

If you are using any other Internet service providers in Pokhara and have a review of them, please do not forget to leave a comment. It will help all residents of Pokhara for choosing a best internet service provider.