Pokhara lakeside area has been more managed these days. Fewa lake, one the most beautiful lakes of Nepal fall on Pokhara lakeside area. It had been an urgent need to manage lakeside area since long. Now many steps have been taken for making the lakeside area much better.

These are the important steps that have been taken for conservation of Fewa lake.

  • Fewa lake fishing: Fishing is prohibited in Fewa lake.
  • Parking system has been managed and it is not not allowed to park everywhere like before.
  • Throwing of waste materials here and there is strictly prohibited.

The most interesting fact is that benches have been kept for visitors. It is one of the most important Dating Spots in Pokhara.

Pokhara Lakeside area photos

lakeside no parking

Fewa lake parking has been managed. Lakeside no parking symbol near Fewa lake.

pokhara lakeside fewa lake area

places to stay near Fewa lake

fewa lake nepal

beautiful Fewa lake sunset photo

fewa lake photo

managed waste bins in Fewa lake by 3 sisters.

fewa lake

sunset photo of Fewa lake.

Timely management of Fewa lake, Fewa lake can remain clean and beautiful forever. Pokhara is known because of Fewa lake. Tourism business of Pokhara is dependent with Fewa lake. Hence, this type of management activities for making Fewa lake much better must be done.

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Fewa lake video

This video shows how Fewa lake looks now after new management.