BBA-BI Syllabus of Pokhara University. Bachelor in Business Administration Banking & Insurance (BBA BI) Syllabus.

Last time we added BBA syllabus for Pokhara University. Many students asked us to provide BBA BI syllabus. BBA BI syllabus goes like this.

BBA BI First Year Course

BBA BI First Semester course

Business Communication I
Mathematics I
Microecono mics
Principles of Management
Programming Language

BBA BI Second Semester course

Macroeconomicspokhara university bba bi syllabus course

Business Communication II
Financial Accounting I
Mathematics II
Fundamentals of Money. Banking and Insurance

BBA BI Second Year Course

BBA BI Third Semester course

Business Statistics
Organizational Relations
Financial Accounting II
Commercial Bank Management
Laws of Banking and Insurance

BBA BI Fourth Semester course

Data Analysis and Modeling for Managers
Management Accounting
Risk, Risk Management, and Insurance
Financial Institutions and Markets
Research Methodology
Summer Project

BBA BI third Year Course

BBA BI Fifth Semester course

Life Health Insurance
Credit Risk Mange ment
Services Marketing
Finance I
Human Resources Management

BBA BI Sixth Semester course

Nepalese Business Environment
Finance II
International Finance
Seminar in Working Capital Management
Property. Liability and Pecuniary Loss Insurance

BBA BI forth Year Course

BBA BI Seventh Semester course

Financial Information Systems
Elective I
Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis
Operations Management
International banking Systems

BBA BI Eighth Semester course

Strategic Mangement
Tresury Management
Elective I
Elective II
Seminar in E-Banking and Insurance