Pokhara University, Nepal has published a new examination schedule (Pokhara University exam routine). Pokhara University runs several programs and the routine of the university has been listed over here.

Pokhara University runs several faculties like Engineering, Health, Management, etc for bachelor as well as masters level. University has published the Pokhara university exam routine.

Pokhara University PU Exam Routine

Pokhara University conducts examinations in a semester system. Looking at the previous trends, the university publishes an exam routine around a month before the examination begins. The examination ends after 40 days of starting.

Pokhara university exam routine has been published. This latest Pokhara University Examination routine by pu.edu.np is an updated one. So, this is the latest exam routine for all programs.

pokhara university exam routine

The university itself has its own aims and objectives to provide better or quality education to its students. The university is responsible for providing the necessary materials need for students to enroll in their studies. The university is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the students in which they can get attached or can be involved in the surroundings easily.

We can know that this university provides different faculties of education and conduct exams for them and publishes routine for those different faculties and publish their result and all.

Pokhara university exam routine is one of the activities of the university in which they publish routines for the different faculties of the university. It is the first stage of the examination as students start their preparation after the routine has been published.

Pokhara University Exam Routine 2079

The procedure to check the Pokhara university exam routine are:

  •  Go to your browser and type www.pu.edu.np which is the official website of Pokhara University where we can find a lot of information about Pokhara university.
  • After entering, you will see the home page of the PU website where you can find different options among which you have to choose appropriate options.
  • After entering into the homepage, you will find the examination notice written option choose that option where you get different faculties examination routine.
  • Choose the appropriate or search for the routine of those faculty that you want to know.
  • Now, you can see your PU exam routine. You can visit the page which contains the routine of the faculty you wanted to see

It is one of the easiest ways to know the examination notice. Not only we can search directly in google about the exam routine or if we type the exam routine of those faculty we want to know then it will appear on your screen, but we also don’t need to visit official sites.

It is one of the easiest ways to see the result of different faculties using this procedure. We don’t need to visit the university to check the routine or we don’t need to search in the newspaper, as we can watch the routine sitting at home.

Pokhara University exam routine 2022

Pokhara University has published an exam routine for 2022. Semester exam routine has been out and students need to prepare for examination routine.

Pokhara University has published exam routine for all faculty including BBA, BCA, BBA BI, BCIS, BHCM, BHM, BBATT, BE computer, BE electrical and electronics, BE civil, BE Information technology, BE software, BE electronics and communication.

Pokhara University Semester End Examinations Schedule examination routine can be downloaded easily. You need to follow the following steps to download the Pokhara university examination routine.

  • Go to pu.edu.np (pu.edu.np is the official website of Pokhara University)
  • In the examination section, you can check all the result updates by the Exam controller.
Pokhara university latest exam routine

On the examinations notice section, you can see the examination routine and examination results as well. Pokhara University students can check their examination routine and examination result easily looking out into the examinations notice section.

Pokhara university runs its examination in the semester system and runs various programs within its university. Pokhara University is dedicated to good outcomes in masters and undergraduate programs.

As shown above, in the image, students can know their examination routine, rechecking and re-totaling results from the examinations notice section. As the examination is near, students can start preparing for examination going to Pokhara university old questions. Pokhara university old questions can be found on the internet too.

If you have any problem with checking Pokhara university examination routine, please leave a message in the comment section below. Our staff will guide you to check your examination routine with the help of the official website (pu.edu.np). Lastly, good luck for your upcoming examination.

You can also get Pokhara University Result information as soon as the result is available online. So, you should not move here and there for results. Keep your eye on our website, we will update the result as soon as it is published.

Above listed routine is the latest examination routine of Pokhara University. This page is regularly updated is based on the official website of Pokhara University. Pokhara University’s central office is situated at Lekhnath, Kaski. Pokhara University has many affiliated colleges all around the country. They run numerous education programs for students.

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This page consists of the Pokhara University exam routine. The first one listed on the top is for first semester students. The second listed routine is for students of all programs except engineering. The third listed routine is for engineering (first semester to the eighth semester).

You can get numerous materials, notes for Pokhara University on this website. you can use a search bar to search for materials or see related pages below. We have even added a previous question paper collection of Pokhara University which will help students to prepare for their examination.

Pokhara University Exam Routine Masters

This exam routine is for the master’s program of Pokhara University for management and humanities.

The Master’s exam routine is yet to be published.

If you can’t understand the above image, please check pu.edu.np.

This exam routine is for the masters program of Pokhara University for science and technology.

Pokhara University Exam Routine Bachelors

Pokhara University Office of the Controller of Examination has published Semester End Examination schedule for the Spring Semester of 2022.

UPDATED (2022/06/17) Exam Routine: Download now

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering Exam Routine
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Civil and Rural Engineering Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Architecture Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Exam routine
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering exam routine
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Exam routine
  • BDEVS exam routine
  • BECS exam routine
  • and More

Latest Exam Notices by Pokhara University