Pokhara University located at Khudi, Lekhnath is on a way of progress. Unwanted political agendas made university more backward. Until this day, Pokhara University was unable to handle the political back force. The main problem of universities in Nepal is a political placement on head positions in university. Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean, Controller are always politically placed in universities of Nepal which has increased unwanted politics among students as well as teachers in colleges as well as universities.

Education must not be the part of politics. Universities in Nepal could not completely focus in education due to politics. Nevertheless, politics among students is rising which has caused unwanted shut down of colleges.

Last week, Dean of Science and Technology was locked inside the toilet for 15 minutes by one of the political party leaders. Does any student in a university has right to do manner-less activities with teachers and gurus? Whatever the reason, students has no right to take action. They are engaged in university for education and they must only focus in studies. If any one in the universities does any illegal activities, there is LAW. Students are neither a law makers nor a law breakers. They must focus on studies.

After a issue, university restricted three of the students involved in manner-less activity. So called political party leaders padlocked the college, examination building as well as administration building. Today, meeting by Vice Chancellor Bishnu Raj Tiwari, Registrar Dr. Deepak Bhandari, Dean Ajay Thapa, Dean Dr. Govinda prasad Lamichanne and Dr. Rajesh Kumar Thakurathi came to conclusion to open the university with police force.

Pokhara University Current notice by the meeting!
PU notice

This is only the way to protect university. Students come to university for education. To have good quality education is the right of student. The unwanted politics in university must be shut down to improve the standard of university. Universities of Nepal are not well ranked among the international university ranking. The only way to improve ranking is by ending politics in Universities. Genuine good students coming to universities for education are always hampered with the activities of so called leaders. If university administration becomes strong, they can make university always a better place for education.