The Nepali film industry has progressed a lot in a few years. There are many popular actors in Nepal who are doing great in the industry. With the improvement in the industry, many educated people are also being part of the industry. Just like in Bollywood, there is not a big fan following Nepali stars.

popular actors in Nepal

The reason behind this is that maybe people have still not learnt to appreciate the film industry. But there are good actors in Nepal who have few but very honest fans. It is very good news for us that the Nepali film industry is progressing a lot. In the article, we are listing the names of the most popular actors in Nepal.

Rajesh Hamal

If you are Nepali, then there is no way that you don’t know Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal often termed Rajesh Dai by his fans, is a legendary actor and one of the people to bring reformations in the Nepali film industry. He was born on 9 June 1964 to a very well to do family.

nepali actor rajesh hamal and Madhu Bhattarai

Rajesh Hamal is a very educated actor in the industry and his acting skills are just amazing. He is titled as Mahanayak and Megastar of the country. Rajesh hamal is more than an actor but also an environmental activist, singer, producer and director. He is best known for his character Shankar in a movie. Hamal started his filmy career with the film Yug dekhi Yug Samma and since then he is stoppable.

The first movie of Rajesh Hamal is Yug Dekhi Yug Samma.

Hit movies of Rajesh Hamal

He has acted in several hit films since then as in Kasam, Deuta, Ek Number Ko Pakhe, Basanti, Hami Tin Bhai, Chor and so on. He has done a variety of roles and has done justice to all of them. Not just for acting, fans also praise Hamal for his stunning personality and stage presence making him the most respected public figure in Nepal.

He has time and again received many awards for his amazing performance. Currently, he runs the most popular game show Ko banchha Crorepati in Nepal. The game show is doing quite well and the credit somewhere or the other goes to Rajesh hamal himself. He is currently also working as Goodwill Ambassador for the Building Back Right initiative to promote reconstruction after the 2072 earthquake. Rajesh hamal recently got married to his long-loved girlfriend Madhu.

Anmol KC

Anmol K.C is definitely the most loved actor in Nepal right now. He is the son of megastar Bhuwan KC and has lived up very well to that. The first film Anmol acted was Hostel. But the film that gained him this fame was Jerry, which became the biggest hit in the film industry. Anna Sharma was the female lead in that movie and that movie did very well.

Anmol gained a lot of appraisal and fame right after his first movie and jerry added up to that. Anmol has the biggest fan following and especially among females.

Previously Anmol was criticized for his poor acting skills, which was evident in his first movie itself. But with time he has worked a lot in his acting skills and has become an accomplished actor coming to this date.

The most amazing thing about Anmol is that all his films are super hit. And the movies also have quite different storylines as well.

Also, Anmol gives chance to the fresh actress in his movie so he launches a new face with his every movie. Anna Sharma, Samragyee RL Shah and Shristi Shrestha are the best examples of that.

His latest film captain where he launched Upasana Singh Thakuri also did quite well in the box office. Anmol is definitely the future of the Nepali film industry and is following his dad’s steps very wisely. The hits he has given like Dreams, Gajalu, Kri and captain themselves prove the point.

Pradeep Khadka

Pradeep Khadka is recently the most loved actor in Nepal. He has a great fan following and is very popular especially among female fans. He started his film career in 2011 as an actor.

But the film that gave him this fame was Prem Geet, a sweet love story where Pooja Sharma was the female lead. The audience loved their chemistry and the cuteness of the character Prem in the movie.

Pradeep Khadka has won many hearts and is dream boy of many girls out there. For now, he is an actor, filmmaker and producer in the industry.