Nepal is developing very day and we have seen changes in so many industries. Be it the entertainment industry or other sector, there has been significant improvement. The entertainment  sector is blooming and so is other related industries. The fashion industry, the music industry are all related with each other and one’s success highly influences the success of other. There are many celebrities who have gained good name and fame with this industry. In the article today we are listing names of five people who are doing best in respective field. They are very popular specially among young people.


Anmol KC

 The first one in the list is Nepali actor Anmol K.C . He is definitely the most loved actor in Nepal right now. He is son of megastar Bhuwan KC and has lived up very well to that . The first film Anmol acted was Hostel. But the film that gained him this fame was Jerry,  which became the biggest hit in film industry.  Anna sharma was the female lead in that movie and that movie did very good. Anmol gained lot of appraisal and fame right after his first movie and jerry added up to that.

Anmol has the biggest fan following and especially among females. Previously Anmol was criticized for his poor acting skills, which was evident in his first movie itself. But with time he has worked a lot in his acting skills and has become accomplished actor coming to this date. The most amazing thing about Anmol is that all his films are super hit. And the movies also have quite different story lines as well.

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Also Anmol gives chance to fresh actress in his movie so he launches new face with his every movie . Anna Sharma, Samragyee RL shah and Shristi shrestha are the best  examples of that. His latest film captain where he launched Upasana Singh Thakuri also did quite well in the box office. Anmol is definitely the future of Nepali film industry and is following his dad’s step very wisely. The hits he has given like Dreams, Gajalu, Kri and captain themselves prove the point.  

Priyanka Karki        

 In between all the men, a women makes up to the list. Priyanka Karki stands as role model of many Nepali girls not just for her outstanding performance in her films but also for her bold personality. She is one of the most educated actress in Nepali film industry. Priyanka often makes headlines with her different and totally accomplished roles in films.  She is also the winner of Miss Teen 2005.  That’s how she started her film career. She went to USA for higher studies . She came back to Nepal in 2012 and since then has worked in many successful films .

Priyanka Karki is also quite famous for her relationship with actor model AyushMan Desraj Shrestha. The couple is one of the cutest couple in town and has many fan followers.  She is also very good singer and has released few covers.

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Sajan Raj Vaidhya

 Sajan Raj vaidhya has very unique kind of music. He has simple but very touching songs. He has started gaining fame just few years back. His attest songs  hataridai, batasidain and hawaijahaj were a big hit. His very famous song Chithhi Vitra is one of his best gift to  Nepali music . He has given the industry some great songs and is very famous among his fans. The fans usually include young people for his songs are quite contemporary and modern.

He gets seven to eight million views in his songs. That is amazing for country like Nepal with such less population. Sajan is a  UK based Nepali singer . He started his musical journey with release of cover songs. He became popular after releasing his cover songs like All of me by John Legend, One by Ed sheeran  and Leho House. After gaining appraisal form viewers on his cover songs, he started his own song. And he got success from his very first song.  

 Though he raised to fame from now, he started his struggle from 2000 . Now he has received the appraisal he deserves. I personally love his unique voice and very different style. He has his own approach and style and that is what makes him so different yet amazing.

Prabal gurung

 He is a very well known name in Hollywood. He is probably the first Nepali to make it that big in Hollywood. Gurung is a successful fashion designer that has worked with many stars including Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanson, priyanka Chopra and so on. He has created a very good reputation in the industry.  Prabal Gurung,  was born in Singapore to Nepali parents and was raised in Kathmandu, Nepal .  He moved to New york in 1999 and that when his journey of fashion designing started. He interned with Bill Blass . That is how everything started coming to this day when his name comes under most successful designers in world.  As of now he has a total of 651k instagram followers which include Hollywood stars and celebrities

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Sisan Baniya                                     

Sisan baniya owns a you tube channel  paradygm TV. Paradygm TV is quite famous you tube channel in country. Especially among youths, the channel and Sisan Baniya himself is very popular. He uploads travel videos and life style videos. Recently he has been helping working with The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal. He helped in making of introduction video for Miss Nepal 2020 and that video was very well received by audience. Now for Miss Nepal 2020, he had active participation.

This famous vlogger and youtuber lives in Sitapaila, Kathmandu. Sisan baniya has mentioned this in his vlogs as well. And you can also know a lot about him from his interviews.  Sisan Baniya is a very entertaining youtuber and definitely a role model for many who want it make it big in you tube.

Talking about his education he has graduate degree in Business administration from Apex college of Management. Right after  graduation he stared working on his passion and started Paradygm TV. Though we many now see only his success, he has long journey. Now coming in 2020 he has received the appreciation he deserves. He became popular during 2016 while he started the channel in 2011 after his bachelors degree. He is a well established videographer, photographer and director. His works clearly reflect his talent, skills and education.