Prabhu Capital issued the Prabhu Smart Fund on March 2. Applications can be made through my shares in the fund and through banks and other financial institutions that are C-ASBA members.

Notice Date: March 5, 2023

Eighty million units of the fund, totaling 80 million rupees, have been issued at 10 rupees per unit. This plan is closed-ended in nature. This plan calls for investing 35 to 90% of the money received from unit sales in stock.

Prabhu Capital has issued 'Prabhu Smart Fund' from March 2nd.

More about Prabhu Capital issued the ‘Prabhu Smart Fund’ on March 2.

There would be an overall issuance of 8 crore unit shares, each with a par value of Rs. The fund promoter Prabhu Bank Limited received total units of 14%, or 1.12 crore units, valued at Rs. 11.2 crores, while the fund manager Prabhu Capital Ltd earned 1% of the total, or 8 lakh units. The remaining 6.80 crore units will therefore be distributed to the general population.

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 In the ten years following investment, the fund expects to provide a return of roughly 255 percent. It stated that its goal is to provide an average yearly return of 25.50 percent. Prabhu Capital Ltd is beginning to sell the closed-ended mutual fund scheme “Prabhu Smart Fund” today, or 18 Falgun, and it will finish on 23 Falgun, 2079.

If the issue is not fully subscribed by the early closing date, then the date may be extended till Chaitra 5. “Prabhu Smart Fund” is a closed-end fund that can be traded on NEPSE. The 10-year maturity of the fund. Applicants may also request a minimum of 100 units and 80 lakh units.

Both the fund manager Prabhu Capital and the fund promoter Prabhu Bank have secured 12 million of the 80 million units available. The general public has received the remaining 68 million units. Applications for the fund are accepted through July 7. If the application is not received within that time frame, it may still be submitted until March 17.

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