With a more busy lifestyle, Parents in Nepal these days find it really hard to raise their kids. To meet this changing lifestyle there are now many preschools here in Nepal. The preschools and kindergarten schools in Nepal not only take care of the kids but also make them ready for their actual school. This is why it is called preschool. These kindergartens often act as day boarding.

Preschool (playgroup) age in Nepal is children between 1.8 to 2.5 years, and Preschool (Nursery) age is between 2.5 to 3.5 years.

Parents can do their 10 to 5 government or non government jobs during the day while the kids can stay safe in their kindergarten and can learn and play with other kids. The kindergarten makes small kids more smart and independent. They play with kids of the same age which helps in their mental and physical development. At the same time, they follow a particular schedule in the preschool.

Best Preschool and Kindergarten in Nepal

They eat at a particular time, play, and sleep at a fixed time, in overall kindergarten is very good for children. Not just having fun Children also learn manners from a young age. They learn rhymes and alphabets. These schools prepare children for the actual school they will attend later on.

Despite there being many kindergartens in Nepal, some of them are alleged of feeding unhygienic foods to the children. Many reputed Kindergartens have also been accused of feeding cough syrup to children to make them sleep. Choosing the wrong preschool can cost you your child’s happiness and health. They can affect your child’s development, growth, and opportunities to learn. Therefore it is very important that as a parent you choose the best Montessori schools for your child.

Here in the article, I am listing some trusted Montessori schools in Nepal. In no particular order here is the list of some preschools:

Best Preschool in Kathmandu

Euro kids School

Euro kids school is owned by euro Kids private limited, India. There are many chains all over Asia including Nepal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on. Because of its international reputation, Euro Kids Nepal got a good response as well. There are many schools all over Nepal mostly spread in Kathmandu.

best preschool and Kindergarten in nepal

You will find many Euro Kids branches in Kathmandu as in Thapathali, Tangal, Kalanki, Baneshowr, etc. Euro kids are famous for the hygienic food, and good teaching methodology. You can fully trust them when it comes to your kid. Being an international chain of preschools it believes in learning in a diverse culture. The fees are a bit higher than in other schools but the best thing is your child will learn in diversity. Here is their website for more information: https://eurokids.com.np/


Kidzee is another name that comes to mind for preschool. It is owned by Kidzee India. Kidzee is a trusted name in India. After successful operation in India. Kidzee now has opened its branches in Nepal. Not just in India, it is the largest preschool chain in Asia. This has brought freshness to the preschool field.

Kidzee is also present all over Kathmandu. Some of the convenient places are Kalanki, Baneshowr, Koteshowr, Sanepa, Tahachal, and so on. The response is quite good. They have professional teachers and caretakers. They feed your child with the best they have. The price tag may be a bit higher but Kidzee is a name that you can fully trust. Here is the website of Kidzee: https://www.kidzee.com/

Mills berry International Preschool

The name makes it sound like it is an international brand but it is our very own. And is no less than an international brand. Owned and managed by the most reputed and qualified professionals Mills berry can definitely be your best choice. Millsberry Kids World Preschool accepts admission of children of age up to 5.

With the goal of proper care and growth of children, it has been working to achieve that. They also allow parents to see how children are taken care of in the school. They claim to not compromise quality over profit. Here is the website to Mills berry International School: https://millsberry.com.np/

Shemrock Kindergarten

Choosing a preschool for your kid can be quite hard work. There are many names and Shemrock Kindergarten is one of them. Again this is an international brand. It is a subsidy of the Shemrock chain of preschools in India. It is the first preschool chain in India. This Indian preschool chain after gaining popularity started its operation in Nepal as well.

The first branch is in Chundevi, Maharajgunj, Their unique approach to dealing with kids makes them stand out. They take the utmost care of Children allowing them to learn and grow in a comprehensive environment. Their motto is joyful learning and a cheerful environment. The colorful environment makes kids happy and cheerful all the time. This is more than just daytime care. With motivated and dedicated staff Shemrock Kindergarten is one of its kind.

It started its operation in Nepal in 2009 and has received quite a good response throughout. They believe that Children are flowers that need to blossom in a positive and happy environment. They offer your child many facilities such as colorful and well-air-conditioned classrooms, a big playground, a proper dining hall so that your kid can learn dining manners from a very young age, ball pool. And different games, creative corners, qualified teachers, hygienic food, and so on are its specialty.

Tiny seeds Preschool

Tiny seeds preschool is a preschool in Nayabazar, Kathmandu. The name is from an international preschool chain in Thailand but it is not a franchise or branch of tiny seed preschool Thailand. It is the sole preschool run by locals of Kathmandu. They treat your kids with the most care and make them learn in a holistic environment. They also have higher classes but their specialty is in Kindergarten. With qualified teachers and staff, they make the most of their school.

Children can get a homely and comfortable environment in presence of the dedicated staff. They even teach children art, music, and dance from a very young age. They operate from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays and have holidays on Saturdays. Tiny seeds preschool doesn’t have an official website for now.

Rainbow Kids International School

Located at Dhaphe Chari Marg – Kathmandu, Rainbow Kids International School stands out with 5 stars among 21 reviewers.

Best Preschool in Lalitpur

Island For Kids Montessori and Day Care Center

Located at Samjhana Tole – Lalitpur, Island For Kids Montessori and Day Care Center stands out with 5 stars among 33 reviewers.

Buttercups Kinderworld

Located at Jawalakhel – Lalitpur, Buttercups Kinderworld stands out with 4.9 stars among 12 reviewers.

EuroKids Hattiban

Located at Samiti Bhawan Marg – Lalitpur, EuroKids Hattiban stands out with 4.8 stars among 17 reviewers.

Best Preschool in Pokhara

Maria Montessori

Located at Sugam Marga, Maria Montessori stands out with 4.9 star among 50 reviewers.

Wonderland Pokhara

Located at Lakeside, Wonderland Pokhara stands out with 4.9 star among 9 reviewers.

Merryland Kids Montessori

Located at Rambazar, Merryland Kids Montessori stands out with 4.9 star among 43 reviewers.