KFC first started in Nepal in 2009 and since then it has been everyone’s favorite. For all the chicken lovers KFC is the ultimate place. There are many similar Nepali restaurants but still builds same craze among Nepali customers. In this article, we talk about the price of food in KFC in Nepal.price of food in kfc in Nepal

KFC food price in Nepal

Here in the article, I list prices of some popular dishes of KFC. Some dishes might be too expensive but the taste is worth it.

  • Hot wings: Hot wings is one of the famous dish in KFC. The price for 20 pieces of hot wings cost NRs 1199.
  • Hot and crispy chicken: The hot and crispy is nicely cooked good piece of chicken. It costs NRs 175 per
  • Smoky grilled chicken: I personally love the smoky grilled chicken. The price is very reasonable NRs 175 for 1 piece.
  • Boneless chicken strips: Six pieces for NRs 475
  • Hot wings: four pieces for NRs 250
  • Popcorn Chicken: NRs 315 for medium sized bucket
  • Chicken zinger Burger: NRs 259 per piece
  • Veg zinger Burger: NRs 209 per piece
  • Hot wing rice ball: NRs 209 per bowl
  • Chicken popcorn Rice ball: NRs 209
  • 5 in 1 rice bowl meal box: NRs 489
  • 5 in 1 zinger meal box: NRS 459
  • Best of KFC: NRs 2415 includes 8 pieces hot and crispy chicken,4 pieces boneless strips, 12 piece hot wings and 25 litres pepsi
  • Family meal: NRs 1889 includes 6 pieces hot and crispy chicken,4 pieces boneless strips,2 flavored rice with gravy and 25 ltr pepsi
  • Zinger meal: NRs 469
  • Veg zinger meal: NRs 419
  • 10 pieces boneless strips: NRs 699
  • 5 pieces hot and crispy chicken: NRs 699
  • Extra large popcorn chicken: NRs 699

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. He started selling his fried chicken through his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the great depression. He later adopted the concept of franchising and the first franchise of KFC opened in Utah in 1952. Soon it became popular and the restaurant spread all over the country. Later on covering the whole world. Since then KFC has been winning hearts in all countries.

KFC, abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food restaurant chain. It specializes in fried chicken. You get varieties of fried chicken in KFC ranging from mild to extremely spicy. With opening of branches in all over the world, they add special local flavor to every outlet they open. But the iconic KFC Bucket is most loved item. KFC also servers burgers, hot dogs, meal box and so on. But it is the chicken dishes that makes it special and unique from others. The head quarter of KFC is in Louisville, Kentucky and now has branches all over the world.

KFC branches in Nepal

In Nepal only KFC has seven outlets, six in Kathmandu and one in Pokhara. It makes KFC the second largest restaurant chain in the world following MCDonald’s. All the operations are carried out by Yum! Brands. It is subsidiary of KFC NEPAL brands, the same brand which owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Wingstreet chains.