Public holidays in Nepal for the year 2076 has been listed out. Check Nepali calendar with public holidays in Nepal. Government has jotted out all the public holidays 2076. The full list of holidays has been listed here.

Nepali calendar 2076 with public holidays in Nepal is out. You can get Nepali calendar 2076 over here with holidays. This year, Loktantra diwos has been removed from holidays list. Constitution day 2076 has been added as a new holiday this year. There are many more changes in new Nepali calendar. You can take time and view these Nepali calendar online.

Government of Nepal public holidays 2076 in Nepal. List of all holidays in 2076 Nepal. This is the final public holidays approved by government of Nepal for year 2076. Public holiday of baisakh 11 2076 (Loktantra diwas) has been canceled. Ashoj 3, Ashwin 3 public holiday has been added which is constitution day of Nepal.

Nepali calendar 2076 with Public Holidays

This is the list of holidays listed by government of Nepal for the year 2076. Government has listed out the following official public holidays in Nepal.

nepal holidays 2076

Public holidays in Nepal

Public Holidays in Nepal

List of public holidays for year 2076 is shown on image above. This is officially verified list of holidays. Every people, citizen of Nepal can be prepared for these holidays. This year, most of the holidays fall on Saturday. So, this year, civil servants will have less holidays in comparison to the previous year.

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