This article lists the names of places that you can visit in summer for a quick getaway.



 Many of us may not have time to go very far places then there are places which re just an hour ride from Kathmandu valley. Nagarkot  is situated on the top of the north-eastern ridge of Kathmandu valley.  It is situated at an altitude of around 2300 m and is very cool. So it is best place for quick getaway from the crowded hot city.  You get to enjoy scenic views of Dhaulagiri from the west to Kanchenjunga in the east.   There are deep forests, very cool climate, amazing view to offer and the most luxurious hotels. And all that just an hour ride form Kathmandu valley. When you reach Nagarkot you will get the feel that you have come a long way but actually you are just few kilometers away from the capital. That is the beauty of Nagarkot. So this summer make sure to visit Nagarkot.


 Jiri often called the Switzerland of Nepal is one of the most preferred destinations of Nepal. Specially in summer Jiri is best place to chill. It is also the gateway to Mount Everest. The vegetation and the cute little houses gives you the feel that you are in Switzerland. This is the reason why Jiri is called the Switzerland of Nepal. Jiri is very cold place in winter but in summer the climate is perfect. The pace is so beautiful and above all people there are the warmest. It lies in Dolakha district and is only 18 Km far from the valley. You can reach there with eight hours of ride via bus. If you go in your private vehicle then you may reach even early.  Another attraction of jiri is the cheese factory there, Make sure to visit and bring some cheese to your people back home. There are local homestays that you can stay and relax for some time. Give yourself break for some days with vacation in Jiri. If you have time you may even trek in the places there. The vegetation there is amazing to watch . once you get there you will know why it is called the Switzerland of Nepal.


Pokhara is definitely the best place in Nepal to visit. Be it summer or winter Pokhara is the best place for a quick getaway. In summer it may be quite hot compared to Kathmandu but still it is best place to spend some quality time with people you love. Pokhara right now has the best climate and I recommend everyone to visit the Pokhara at this time of the year. The climate is just perfect at this time. Even if it is hot, don’t worry because it rains a lot in Pokhara.  Just make sure to take umbrella with you and you are done moment it becomes more hot, it rains that way you never get to feel very hot.

I don’t have to describe the beauty of Pokhara in this article as we all know Pokhara is called heaven in Nepal. The city of lakes and one of the most clean city in Nepal Pokhara is best place to travel .

Within six hours of drive from Kathmandu you can reach Pokhara and enjoy the beauty there.  This beautiful city is filled with lakes and protected by mountain ranges  from all the sides.  You will find amazing places in Pokhara from caves to lakes and deep jungles . There is so much that you can do in Pokhara right now as in row a boat in Phewa lake, watch sunrise form Sarangkot. Enjoy the scenic view of mesmerizing Mountains. You can even do paragliding from Sarangkot hill and recently zip lining has been introduced in Pokhara .


Mustang is great place and not just beautiful place with mesmerizing view but also has lots of things to offer. Mustang is a great place to be not just for youngsters but elderly people as well. So in summer specially,  Mustang is one of the best place to visit because it wouldn’t cold but very relaxing and cool. Mustang is very famous among people in Nepal. Many movies have also contributed towards making it more famous.  The deserted vegetation, the abandoned villages and lifestyle untouched by modernism Mustang has a lot to offer. It is destination for hundreds of adventure lovers, climbers and bike riders.  Here are list of things you can do in Mustang.

There is now way I  miss Muktinath temple when we talk about mustang. Thousands of people come to Mustang very year to visit the holy temple Muktinath. It is believed that once you  dive in the pool in Muktinath temple and bath from the 108 taps all your sins will be cleared away and you will live a happy life ahead. Marpha valley is a small village in Mustang. This place is great because of its old civilization. There are old houses and locals. You don’t see much houses in Mustang and there are only few villages, Marpha valley is one of them, This place is also famous for its dried fruit product. Above all there are view that can take your breath away .

Dolpo : A hidden treasure

 Dolpa is definitely hidden treasure of Nepal. Best thing about Dolpa is that it is still very much far away from modernity. The lifestyle there is still very traditional, The people and the vegetation there it is all amazing. Especially in Summer Dolpa is best place to visit. In winter it will be really very cold to stay there so this summer pack your bags and visit dolpa.

 The beauty of dolpa lies in the mountain view it offers, rich flora and fauna. As I said it is still not explored much so if you want to explore nature in its purest form then make sure to go to Dolpa. And in summer you can explore vegetation at its best.  Some of the major attractions of the place is Phoksundo Lake, Shey Phoksundo National Park, Rara lake and Tinje Valley. While  Phoksundo is the deepest and probably the most cleanest lake in Nepal, Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal.