Real estate Nepal is one of the sites which have the information about houses, land, apartments which are on sale. We can know about prices, condition, structures and so on about land, building or others and so on which we want to buy. We can find many different types of houses or land we want to buy. We can choose any of them we like, and we don’t need to meet the owner for the description of prices and other like in past situation. Not only for buying we can add our property we want to sell in real estate Nepal and find a customer to buy it.

Real estate Nepal has turned online which has made ghar jagga kharid bikri easier in these days. Just five years ago, there was the time when people have to search for the individual brokers to sell or buy the real estate property.

There was no connection between buyers and seller until they finalized their deal through the broker and they even don’t know how much the brokers have profited through this deal.

The scenario has changed now. You don’t have to search for brokers anymore because there are many real estate website where you can sell or buy the property you like.

Real Estate Nepal online websites

We can get description about land or houses by sitting at home. There are many other different websites through which we can find the information about rent or rates by one click. The different sites from where we can get more information are,,,, and many others websites from where we can get more information about rent and rates of houses or lands from various places. We can buy or sell the property we want easily with the help of it.

real estate nepal

real estate Nepal

These are web portals which makes real estate Nepal online service. You can buy and sell house and land online. Ghar jagga kharid bikri online is easy now. We have tried our best to give some brief detail about those sites.

It is one of the best platforms for the real estate Nepal news and market. It provides comprehensive information on real estate properties that are for sale or rent. One can buy or sell their real estate property through this platform.

It gives the details information like location, price, picture, interactive image and property features through mobile interface and SMS. Its motive is to overcome the traditional method of real estate advertisements like newspaper, brochures, leaflets or other forms of media.

Through this platform, one can advertise their property for sale or rent at a very minimum price for a very long period of time and to a large number of audience. It charges 0% commission on a deal through its web portal.

Features of 1ropani

  • Simplifying Nepalese real estate market
  • Help you work smarter
  • 0% commission on deal
  • Reduce unnecessary calls from non-potential buyers.

Services of 1ropani

Through this web portal, you can get the following services:

  • Property listing services
  • Property advertisement services
  • Facebook promotion

Contact address of 1ropani

One Ropani dot com Pvt Ltd
Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: [email protected]
Contact: +977-1-4256800, +977-1-4260153

Another very good platform where you want to deal with the properties in Nepal is It provides services like selling, buying and renting properties to any customers. It works as a bridge between buyers and sellers. It also provides complete real estate Nepal service.

If you are a seller then you can post your properties for sale. For this, first, you have to send the certain information regarding your property on sale to the

They will review your information and post them on the web portal with best ads and information so that many public views will come. They will even provide you the professional photographer to take the images of your property so that it looks attractive to the buyers.

For this, they charge a certain amount of fees. You can even post ads of your property on normal listing with free of cost. But you have to pay some charges if you want to get your ads on featured section.

If you are a buyer, you can get lots of properties here and you can even negotiate directly with the buyers for a price. All the information included in the sites will be based on the seller. So, for any fake or wrong information, the seller will be responsible.

Services of gharbazar

It provides following services to its customers.

  • Featured Listing
  • Expert service
  • Normal listing
  • Classified

Contact of gharbazar

Gharbazar Pvt Ltd
Omkar Building, Opposite of the Bakery cafe
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no: +977-9851156429
Contact no: +977-014785677
Email: [email protected]

It is Nepal’s one of the best online market resource platform for the buyers, sellers, owners, agents or property developers. It provides a very comprehensive news related to the properties in Nepal. It is one of the most-visited real estate Nepal sites where you can meet lots of buyers and sellers at one place. It has an outstanding design, updated regularly, usable and advanced search features that let you get the property you need at one click.

The purpose of this web portal is to become the number one destinations for those who want to get information regarding the real estate. It provides guidance to the buyer and seller so that both of the parties get the best deal.

Services of housingnepal

  • Online marketing services
  • Web portfolio
  • Advertisement

Contact of housingnepal
Address: Chandi Complex, 4th Floor, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4270015
Marketing/Business Enquiry: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

The Realtors

Since there has been growing demand of the real estate market in Nepal as people are migrating to the urban areas but the real estate was not so organized. With these challenges to organize and manage the real estate business in Nepal, the lucky Group has made a strong presence in the real estate market through realtors.

The lucky group is a prominent business house with a varied interest in manufacturing, trading and service sector since 1980. It has the vision to represent builders and buyers in an organized, transparent and bring in professional integrity in Nepalese real estate business.

The Realtors is a very good platform anyone who seeks the real estate information and market news. It first understands the need of buyers and provides the valuable advice to find the property based on your budget. It is one of the professionally well managed real estate agency in Nepal.

Contact of The Realtors

Head office:
The Realtors
Jawalakhel (Next to Alkha Hospital – 2)
Phone : 01-5000104 / 9801011077
Post Box: 7464
Email: [email protected]

Corporate office of The Realtors

The Realtors (Tripureshwar)
Tripureshwar, Kathmandu
Phone: 01 4254546

Properties in Nepal is another great platform where you can buy or sell your property. Remember that it is neither a builder nor real estate Nepal agents. It is, in fact, a conduit between buyer and seller. It helps in house rent, sale, buy and many other real estate fields.

It is best because it fulfills the needs of the customer. It research based on customer needs like location, price, facilities and much more. You can also advertise your properties through it because it is cheaper than the traditional way of advertisement. It ensures to give customers the safest, quickest mode of real estate transactions, with the guarantee of payment.

Contact of properties in Nepal

Creative Minds Private Limited
ShantiPath, Milan Chowk, Butwal – 11, Rupandehi (Near Tinkune)
Email: [email protected]

These are some of the web portals through which you can get the real estate Nepal services online. There is many other web portals like,,, etc. Before actually dealing with them, please do research about them and finally choose the best online platform for your property.

Real Estate Nepal websites makes life easy

We can know information about not only of houses or land of inside valley but also of outside valley too. We don’t need to visit the particular place for collection information about what we want to buy we can get detail information sitting into a home by visiting different sites described above. For example, we need some land in rent for agriculture or for doing some husbandry, now we don’t need to get worried we can visit the sites above and can find many suitable lands we want. And we don’t need to visit the owner for the consolation of rent payments and so on the price will be described in the same sites and if we are not satisfied with the information given there will be the number of owners we can call them and collect more information. We don’t have to find any customer to sell our property all we can do add information about our property i.e. price, structure and so on then, a customer will search themselves.

real estate Nepal online

Real Estate Nepal popular websites advantages,,, these are one of the sites having the information about every home, housing, lands which are on sale or some may be for renting with its related information like rent, these site rates, prices, structure and so on. We can know about the different apartments in the housing. We may not know about all the housing which are opened newly in different places. So on this site, we can know every newly build housing and there rates. Not only housings we may not know about all the lands which are on sale, we may only know about those land which are nearer to us or nearer to our relatives friends and so on. But from real state Nepal we can find every land, or building which are on sale all over the country. All people may not have ability to buy a roadside lands or houses because they are too expensive, so in real state Nepal we can find any sorts of land or building we want there are land or building of high prices as well as of low prices, land or building at road side as well as at street or far from roadsides. We don’t need to be worry to find or search all day, weeks or even months for suitable land and buildings as we think of buying.

So from above conversation we can conclude that real state Nepal is one of the helpful site which helps people to find out the houses, building or land which are on sale easily. It has helped many people from being cheated from broker or has make ease in searching the things they like or they want. As the people of our senior generation like our grandfathers period they have to face many difficulties in search of lands and buildings but real state Nepal has make people of these generation ease for buying and selling of land and buildings. We can buy or sell property easily with the help of real state Nepal, as it plays an important role in our life in the viewpoint of buying or selling our properties.