Yearly duty for owners of vehicles is paying road tax . It is the duties of vehicle  owner to pay tax or revenue of theirs vehicle or service they use and it is also one of the one of the rules of government . Blue book is the logbook that contains complete information about the vehicle and its owner that is registered in the transportation management office. It is used for paying the vehicle tax. Vehicle tax is the tax that you need to pay to the government for using any vehicle. Depending upon the type of your private vehicle as registration of your bluebook you must have to pay the custom of Nepali rupees 200 to 1500. The payment may varies for the rental vehicle, as you should  renew your bluebook yearly. The vehicle tax has to be paid within Chaitra, last month of Nepali calendar. It is necessary to renew bluebook on time. You will be fined as per the rules, if it is not renewed within three months of its last date. It is important to renew  your blue book otherwise u will have to paid fine  for not fulfilling your duties. Road tax must be paid annually by people of the country. We have to manage time for  the day to go to the Transportation Management Office of our respective zones and pay the yearly road tax. You must visit the office  in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur for Bagmati zone and for motorbike. If you are not sure where you have to go for your zone then ask around people.The place is usually filled with people who are there to pay their tax. During the end of the Nepali year or during the end of the fiscal period the place is usally  crowded. We also have to do a mandatory third party insurance for our vehicles to get our blue books renewed, along with the regular vehicle tax.

How to Renew BlueBook?

In order to renew blue book first you should Visit the Transportation Management Office. For motorbikes it is located in Ekantakuna. Do a third party insurance for your vehicle. You have to pay the yearly charge from the counter. Stand in the line. When your turn comes, give them your bluebook. They will calculate the amount for you, and you have to pay there. If you want to know the tax beforehand, then you can get the information via SMS as well. Vehicle tax in nepal sms syntax is as following. Type VTAX(space)(vehicle no) and send it to 4321. For e.g.: Type VTAX ba37pa399 and send it to 4321. You will receive the vehicle tax for the respective vehicle.There are tons of insurers that are set up right outside the main building. Along with the receipt of payment and your insurance papers then take back the bill book. Submit it to another window in the back where there will be wriiten as bluebook diney thau. Get all your documents back after  Waiting for your vehicles number called out from another window and Make sure that everything is in place (stamps/signatures/dates) and go back home being satisfied that you won’t have to come here for another year.bluebook renew in nepal

Some websites providing BlueBook Renew service in Nepal

Thus, your work for a year is done.  If you are too busy or do not want to stand in the queue for your bluebook renewal, there is a professional line-sitting company called Mr Help which will help you to renew your bluebook by completing all transport formalities. You can also visit to to check out for the services you need.