Nepal Telecommunication Authority has released a notice regarding the Required Registration of Mobile IMEI Numbers. The sim card holder must have mandatory mobile IMEI Numbers Registration.

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Mobile Device Management System from the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has informed their user to have Mandatory Mobile IMEI Numbers Registration. The system for managing mobile devices (MDMS). The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has undergone testing and will go into the entire operation. To prevent and better manage the unauthorized import, sale, distribution, and use of mobile devices, as of the 15th of Poush, 2079.

Required Registration of Mobile IMEI Numbers - Nepal Telecommunication Authority

When a mobile phone is bought in Nepal, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority is the device’s owner. Since it is possible to buy/unregistered units in the MDMS system ( and purchase only by enrolling suitably, mobile importers and sellers must have prior clearance from the authorities before importing mobiles. The user is also aware in this notification that only mobile sales are sent.

The Customs Act of 2064 stipulates that Nepalis visiting from abroad must comply. To reveal any mobile devices (with an IMEI number of 15 numbers). They bring items for personal use, but they are not used in Nepal before the Bhadra date of 2079 or registered in the IMEI system. How well mobile phone sets that have not been disclosed to customs operate. It will also be forbidden starting on Poush 15, 2079.

Additionally, registration of them will no longer be permitted. Only personal mobile devices should be registered on and Based on a Customs Declaration Letter and a passport, national ID card, or another form of identification.

All About Required Registration of Mobile IMEI Numbers – Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Organizations can employ a Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) as a piece of software to safeguard and regulate the use of mobile devices. MDMS is frequently used to manage sizable fleets of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, used by employees at work. For companies whose activities depend on mobile devices, MDMS is an essential tool. Because it helps manage these devices’ security and compliance while enabling workers to be effective and productive.


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