There are lots of restaurants in thamel Kathmandu. You shall find many fine cheap restaurants in Kathmandu Thamel too. Thamel is often recognized as a busy center in the Kathmandu valley with Tourists enjoying and spending time. With lots of handicrafts being showcased for sales, it has been marked as Tourists spot of Kathmandu. But the day starts and ends with fine meal and restaurants are certainly the places you will look for.

BEST Restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu

Thamel has a lot of restaurants and bars. Thamel is in the center of Kathmandu and has been established as one of the busy business center and tourists destination. It won’t be false calling it tourists spot in Kathmandu valley as you shall see thick density of foreigners and during evening and nights, their numbers could be more than the locals. Shops, streets, restaurants, parlors are just the definition for Thamel with touch of Nepalese heritage.

There are many restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal and offers everything an individual would wish for. When places in Kathmandu are talked about, Thamel is a city within this city that cannot be left out. It is tourist destination and junction of Kathmandu. Every second person you shall see there would be a foreigner. Thamel offers everything someone just landing here would wish for. And when it comes to living, you would certainly prefer delicious meal and there are lots of fine restaurants in Kathmandu, Thamel.

Why to choose Restaurants in Thamel at Kathmandu?

From breakfast to dinner, you will get numbers of restaurants offering variety of tastes and menus. Should you get into Thamel, there is no way you will leave with empty stomach if your wallet has some cash. You will find restaurants, cafeterias by the side of the street. You will find restaurants offeringauthentic Nepali cuisines to intercontinental and various national. Delicious food, soothing music and time with friends and beloved ones certainly give you awesome moments and experience. Here are some popular restaurants of Thamel.

There are numbers of restaurants, pubs and places to hangout offering various tastes, different music and experiences. Thamel has lots of streets and you will find numbers of fine restaurants by side of each of them. Thamel is one of the top choices for both locals as well as tourists when it comes to spending weekend with authentic foods, drinks and music.

Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Neon Pub, Helena’s Restaurant, The Factory, Shisha Terrace Bar and Restaurant, Jatra café and Bar, Tantra are some popular names. Other than these, you will find numbers of other restaurants as per your preference, the cuisine you want to taste and the price range you can afford.

Restaurants in Thamel

restaurants in thamel

Thamel is city within the city with everything available there, people walking out freely and chilled. Restaurants are certainly the first names that are announced when it comes to talking about Thamel. After all, everything is determined by our appetite. Delicious food makes our mood and starving belly always sets us on fire. Thamel has busy streets so, when it comes to reaching there, it is better to walk on foot or simply get a cab. Lights and music, nightlife and all the glittering shops and cafeterias add life to Thamel and makes it first preference for Tourists landing on Kathmandu when it comes to spending some time to chill and freak out.

Thamel is very much famous for the restaurants operating there. The restaurants and bars offer wide range of cuisines that you would not deny digging in. The restaurants in Kathmandu, Thamel serve local as well as international cuisines. However, it is pretty tricky when it comes to picking restaurants of budget as some could be expensive that your wallet might not afford. However, dining in Thamel is itself an amazing experience. It is perfect place to have drink and eat with friends or beloved ones.

Tantra, Reggae Bar, Fire and Ice, Road House Café, Ying Yang, 1905, Tamas, K-Too!, KC’s Restaurant, Aqua Java Zing, Shisha Terrace Bar and Restaurant are some popular restaurants in Kathmandu, Thamel.

Nightlife at Thamel

Best Restaurants in Thamel

The eateries in the lane of Thamel provide friendly service, delicious meal with soothing music too if you are wishing to spend good time during dusk or night. Thamel has busy streets so, for people preferring quite and captivating place, this could be awkward experience. There are various ways to reach to Thamel. You can also get a cab and reach the destination quickly. Thamel has a lot to offer for both local as well as foreigners and food is certainly inseparable from the list.

Thamel has short night life too. The local administration is concerned about the security concerns of public. Meanwhile, on festivals or special occasions, you will also get to experience awesome night life. During festival time like new year eve, Thamel almost get crowded with people. Various events, parties by celebrities surrounds Thamel during eve.

List of Fine Restaurants in Thamel

Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Thamel House Restaurant, Neon Pub, Reggae Bar, Helena’s Restaurant, Delima Garden Café, The Factory, Tom and Jerry, Shisha Terrace Bar and Restaurant, Fire and Ice, Jatra café and Bar, Kilroy’s of Kathmandu, Tantra, Delices de France, Garden of Dreams, Aqua Java Zing are some fine restaurants you shall want to dine in.

The above mentioned are some popular restaurants in Kathmandu, Thamel. They offer fine dining, live music during nights and some great cocktails too. You can visit there if you want some time for yourself to chill or just hang out with friends. Thamel is indeed a great destination when it comes to dining for both locals as well as Tourists. You can walk to Thamel or just hire a cab and get into eye dazzling and mouth watering menu cards, give your order and fill your tummy.

Picking up restaurants in Thamel could be tricky too as some are more than good based on the price range and menu. Meanwhile, some could empty your pocket so, you will have to be careful when it comes to restaurants in Kathmandu, Thamel.

Note: We are not affiliated to any restaurants mentioned above.