Responsive service Alcohol (RSA) is a course for all the people living in Australia that permits a person to work in liquor or gambling industry. For you to be able to work in those industries, you have to complete RSA training first. The RSA card is valid for five years and comes with a physical card or digital license form. The competency card will be the evidence that you have completed the RSA course. RSA online is an easy process to obtain RSA certificate. This is a short article to obtain RSA Sydney.

RSA Online in Sydney

Processes  applying for RSA Certificate

Firstly, an individual is requested to prove his/her identity that can be done via passports or driving license. It is a six hours course, so during that course first you’ll be presented with a range of videos where you are required to answer their verbal questions. They will train you with a various theory based learning methods. So at the end of the course, the training will provide you with the theory assessment test about what you’ve learned during the training. The assessment test will include MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) and short written answers. If you passed this test, then you’ll be provided with temporary Interim Certificate, or you’ll receive it via email which will only allow you to work for 90 days. So, within 90days you are expected to visit Participating Service NSW to apply for competency card.

rsa online rsa certificate

How will you apply for RSA competency card in RSA Sydney

After completion of RSA training or RSA online, importantly the trainer should be an approved training provider. You’ll have to either bring your RSA certificate or Interim Certificate to the Participating Service NSW Centre where you’ll have to show your certificate with your original identification documents. After that, they’ll have your photo taken and then submit your application. You won’t be charged an additional fee for the competency card. It will already be including in the training fees, and also these process can be done online if preferred in selected RMS site.

RSA Certificate Fees details

The total fees for RSA course in Sydney, New South Wales will be a total of Au$115. This fees will include all the learning materials and certificates where you won’t be charged extra during or after the course. The fees include:

  1. RSA interim certificate
  2. RSA course attendance
  • RSA Competency Card.

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RSA Certificate for RSA Sydney

  • The competency card is only valid for five years. Therefore, it is required to renew after every five years without fail.
  • If you fail to visit NSW Service Centre within 90 days, then the RSA Certificate you received will be declared as expired, and you might be fined.
  • You are required to submit your application in person. You are not allowed to send someone else on your behalf.