Saurya Airlines is a domestic airline based in Sinamangal, Kathmandu. It was established and founded in 2014, having a hub station in Tribhuvan International Airport.
It has its headquarters in Sinamangal, Kathmandu. Saurya has three fleet sizes with five destinations.
Saurya airlines have got 50 passengers seat flight named Bombardier CRJ-200LR/ER to serve domestic routes. The aircraft is designed to provide superior performance and operating efficiency.

Saurya airlines

This airline was operating five sector flights at the beginning of its service. It is famous for the jet plane as it is the first airline to operate flights by jet plane. The flight also operates mountain flights and charter flights to various sectors of Nepal.

Saurya Airlines ticket

Currently, it has been serving the places as given below:




Kathmandu- Dhangadhi-Kathmandu



Saurya Airlines fare

How to check the flight fares?

  1. Open up a new web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Torch, etc.
  2. Type the web address and click Enter button. You can also directly click on the link here.
  3. It will open the homepage of Surya airlines.
  4. On the top header section, there is Fares Policy.
  5. It will open the page that gives detailed information regarding the travel fare, as shown in the figure.

How to book Saurya Airlines tickets?

For reservation, we can check at their E-mail, or we can call them. The contact number of Surya Airlines is provided at the end of this post.  


How to book online?

Visit the official site of Surya Airlines:

saurya airlince ticket

 You will see the section “Book a flight”

Fill out all the details. 

After you fill out your details, click on “Search Flight.”

Select the type of flight you prefer. You will be provided with the total cost. Click on “Continue” to proceed with the process.

saurya airline login


You will be guided toward the “User Registration” page, Where you need to fill in your contact and passenger details.

saurya airline cargo


After you submit the details, you need to make payment via connect IPS or eSewa. 

saurya airlines  ticket price

The process is completed once you make payment.


Why Saurya Airlines?

The main objectives of these airlines are to become the most adored and preferred airlines across the country. To achieve these objectives, they focus on quality service, on-time performance, and affordable fares without making any compromises on safety.

They aim to conquer the heart of every customer and their well-wishers; they provide them with a memorable flying experience and be the first choice of any person flying to their destination.

As a small aircraft, it doesn’t compromise on speed and burns less fuel, which helps keep the operating cost under check. Due to this, there are now over 1000 CRJ200 series aircraft in the commercial aviation business, and it has already established itself as one of the world’s quietest, most comfortable, and environment-friendly commercial jet.

Saurya Airlines is one of the service-oriented airlines, too; to make the customers traveling exciting and memorable, it gives a lot of effort. As well as Saurya Airlines tries to make a friendly environment for its passengers on the flight.

This airline’s fares are also cheaper than other airline companies. Besides these, it is also one of the safest means of traveling.

Saurya Airlines (P) Ltd. Contact number

 Babu Ram Acharya Marg, Sinamangal Kathmandu

P.O. Box: 337

Email address:

Kathmandu office:

Office: +977 1 4116607 / 08 / 10

Flight Information: 9801185500

Reservation: 01-4116626 / 01-4116628 / +977-9801185186

Biratnagar office:

Office:021-463996 /021-461419

Flight Information: 9801185115

Bhadrapur office:

Office: 023-452540 / 023-452041

Flight Information: 9801185124

Dhangadhi office:

Office: 091-575065 / 091-575351

Flight Information: 9801185311

Bhairahawa office:

Office: 071-526409 / 071-507133

Flight Information: 9801185139