These are the scariest places in the world that you might want to avoid going to.

The Red Sands Sea Ports

The Red Sand seaports are located in River Thames and exist to spy and report on enemy fleet movement during World War II. The first line of defence against an imminent attack. Those on the Red Sand Sea Forts had the grave task of reporting attack they would probably not survive. It is abandoned and remaining in place to this day, it is raised from the water like rotting monsters raised in the air by metal supports that look like spindly legs. The Red Sands seaports are ominous sentinels, habitats for squatters and recluses alike the Red Sands sea forts are all but forgotten.

The Abandoned Coal Washing Plant

The abandoned coal washing plant is known Triage-Lavoir in French, the abandoned French cool washing plant is simply out of this world. Designed for the purpose of processing and washing coal that was produced in area minds and cycled through this industrial park. It had experienced a fire years ago, leaving behind a metallic skeletal remain that defies logic. It is incredibly dirty, any person who enters has to throw their clothes away due to the smell. It’s a deathtrap by any stretch of the imagination, the coal washing plant is an incredibly scary place to be lost in.

The Sanzhi UFO Houses

Constructed in New Taipei City Taiwan in?1978, The Sanzhi UFO houses were a bold move towards an experimental pod-shaped architecture. Which then quickly becoming a ghost town after being considered cursed.

Sanzhi UFO houses remained for decades as derelict reminders of a failed architectural plan. This increased its popularity as an unofficial tourist destination which also led to more accidents and deaths over time. Eventually, the Sanzhi UF o–houses were bulldozed in 2008 leaving behind piles of rubble and broken architecture.

The Abandoned Gulliver’s Travelpod Arc

Childhood is often a time of discovery excitement and innocence. With places specially dedicated to kids, we associate some objects and things like adventure or theme parks with them. When these places begin to fall into disrepair like with the abandoned Gulliver’s Travels park in Japan, truly unsettling places are created.

In fact, the abandoned Gulliver’s Travels park in Japan takes this a step further. Gulliver’s travels are all about an individual exploring the unknown and coming across large and small things alike. Because of this, the park is filled with imagery and objects that are wildly blown out of proportion.

The Willard Asylum

The Willard asylum for the chronic insane stands as a testament to the terrible practices that occurred in some?mental institutions up until the past?few decades. Located in upstate New York the Willard asylum, has been abandoned for a long time creating an additional look of neglect.

There are old pieces of furniture, medical equipment and even suitcases abandoned when the place was closed. The atmosphere that the Willard asylum has is among the creepiest in the world.

The Power Plant IM

Built as the largest coal-burning power plant in Belgium, the power plant IM has fallen into disrepair. Since its construction in 1921, the power plant IM has a haunting architecture that combines massive industrial machines with brick and mortar construction.

The end result is this abandoned landscape in vast expanses of interior and exterior space that defy imagination. Domed ceilings overlooked pits and holes that disappear into the darkness.

Christ of the Abyss

Created as part of an art exhibit in 1965, three statues of Christ were sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Copies were made and one was sunk off the coast of Florida.

Massive in scale a tower over any person scuba diving around them and remain utterly surreal when surrounded by the whiteness of the ocean floor.

The Mirney Diamond Mine

It was the second largest open pit mine in the world. Mirney diamond mine is an inactive mine in Siberia that is completely open what makes it among the scariest places on the planet is that it is a circular hole, that delves more than 1,700 feet.

It has a diameter of about three thousand nine hundred feet as well, making it massive. When viewed from the air, it looks like a massive Hellmouth just waiting to eat everything that comes.

The hole creates powerful downward currents that suck nearby helicopters in, killing their crew and viewing from the side the Mirney diamond mine looks like a massive endless hole into the centre of the earth. Whereas, looking down all you see is blackness for more than a thousand feet.

The Orpheum Auditorium

Beloved by a few and forgotten by most, the Orpheum auditorium stands today as an abandoned auditorium and theatre space in New Bedford Massachusetts.

With construction finishing on the date that the Titanic sunk, it would remain in operational use until the late nineteen fifties. When it was closed down for good, with no work done to it since then the Orpheum auditorium remains as a haunting space that is incredible to see.

Shicheng Underwater City

When conjuring a city coming from out of the depths, we often consider Atlantis or other fabled cities that have been lost to time and find themselves beneath the waves.

In China, there are cities and villages that have been lost which were caused by natural disaster as well as economic expansion and renewal. These underwater habitats remain eerie vestiges of those places we once called home. Structures more than 400 years and age are still relatively intact and divers are constantly finding new things. Among it all, however, are the discarded relics of the past haunting to any person views them today.

Whether you see it in pictures or explore it firsthand. There is a haunting quality about the place that makes it one of the scariest places on the planet.

Hope you enjoyed it. Good Luck.